A fire in the heart and a lot of issues in my head.
Sometimes I am you and most days it is me against the world.
I dream of opening a cafe like the other 90% of my age.                                          
I also run marathons.. 99% of the times Mentally.

Don't fret if you are reading the archives from 2007..
I am not the same person I was in 2007 when I started this blog..
Yes I have "Changed" multiple times and in multiple ways..
 I don't aim to be a better person anymore for I just want to be a contented soul..

I love putting my opinions, photos and my music choices out there..
Yes I am highly opinionated and I love fighting for my causes..
I am also irrational, arrogant, snobbish with Devil-May-Care attitude at times..
I love my music, I have the tendency to repeat things, I love my music.

Welcome to my space..

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  1. :-) good we realize how often we change in life journey . where you have been ?