Sunday, August 20, 2017

Blueberries, Lobsters and Wilderness

A little while ago I traveled to Maine. It was still cold and chilly and I had decided to beat the tourist crowd. It was the right amount of wilderness for me. It was a perfect time work wise for a quick time off..

A couple of years ago I would have wanted to explore every tiny bit of history but this version of me is different. Maybe it's the US thing. The wilderness and natural beauty is just too good to pass. All I want to do is soak it all in. Breath. See. Smell. Eat. Feel my surroundings.
I am not able to pin point the reason that compels me to take to the wilderness. I love being reminded every now and then about my insignificance in this grand crazy universe. I like to think about endless lakes and quiet mountains and their nonchalance.
Life stood still that week. I didn't need much to be happy. I didn't think about my emails, upcoming deadlines, work. I was in the moment and totally at peace.

This must be heaven?

With all this talk of wilderness I think I should tell you that I am still not a camp person. I need a hard bed with a mattress at the end of the day and a coffee first thing in the morning. Yes, I am a little spoilt. I am scared of crawling insects and complete darkness. But I love being out in the open. I love those beautiful lazy mornings and dramatic sunsets. I like to look at my reflection in the clear still lake. I like touching trees.  I like the ruggedness of trails. I love being out there figuring out trails. It is just so much fun. 

My favorite trail so far - 

I think Bar Harbor in Maine has been my favorite adventure so far. There are just soo many things to do there.
It is famous for its wild blueberries and needless to say that I had Blueberry pancakes wherever possible. 

I am not much of a seafood person because of my allergies and didn't really try any lobster concoctions. Walking around downtown was just so much fun - kitschy shops, old school ice cream places and lots of eateries. It is a very quirky place. The old mansions have been renovated and converted to "Luxury Inn's" with usual breakfast spreads and afternoon teas.

I went on a 90 minute cruise as well. The cruise was to die for. Being out there in the atlantic ocean for a sunset cruise was a very good idea. It was freezing in the month of May and as usual my my lack of packing skills were in full display.  A nice couple even offered me a spare jacket but I was too embarrassed proud to admit that I was cold. There was live music and people were just very chatty. 

After spending a few days in Bar Harbor it was Portland next and what joy! The variety of restaurants just blew away my mind. 
Fun Fact- Portland has highest number of restaurants per capita next to San Fransisco. Portland was nerdy, geeky and hipster at the same time. There was a very strong sense of community which I love. Different breweries, coffee shops, graffitis, communal dining areas. It was all very vibrant. Walking around the downtown amongst those historical buildings and ruins was really exciting. I loved the waterfront as well. The weather was really bad - It was windy, gloomy, grey and rainy and I was not dressed well. I would like to go back there to explore more. That chapter is not over as yet. 

Hopefully I will be back there soon. I need to learn packing skills. I need to take my time to pack stuff ( I take 15 minutes to pack everything). Yes, I am learning.. 

I am in love with North-East USA. All my explorations have been around in this area so far. I love the vastness of lakes and the combination of mountains, ocean and lakes together. 



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