Sunday, July 9, 2017

Everyday People

A sense of belonging is paramount when you're living away from your home country. Feeling comfortable in your own skin and in your surroundings does not always come easy. Having lived abroad for a few years,  the feeling of being at home and having that sense of belonging is something that I have come to feel, no matter where I live. It doesn’t take me long to make myself at home, no matter where I am. It is a brilliant feeling, a gift of sorts. Belonging somewhere is more of a state of mind. Of course I can't take credit for all that.  I am just lucky to be surrounded by people in a place who have a sense of tolerance and open-mindedness. It is a two way street and both parties play their part.

Now I have that sense of feeling at home in a world that was once completely foreign, I probably care more about my surroundings, this little white lily and its people. I have a good circle of friends and I am thankful. I would have never been able to call this place "my own" without my friends. It amazes me every time how people from different nationalities bond over food, cracking jokes and day to day bickering. I am happy that I have found some inspiring and motivating people around me.

Last weekend a colleague friend invited us over for dinner to his lovely beach house. He and his wife opened their home and hearts to us. We had a lovely time - chatting, eating, laughing, drinking. That day there were not Indians or Americans on the table. Those things were trivial - just as a matter of fact and nothing more. Somewhere in between my friend said - "This was about telling you and showing you who we are" and that very moment I had that floating thought of belongingness. 
Yes, my sense of belonging to a large extent is attached to people around me.  They don't have to write testimonials, Facebook posts, Instagram tags. I am fine with little details - buying hot pepper jam from some unheard place. Getting me a box of Indian Mangoes. Trying out crazy running routes in crazy weather. Buying two boxes of pies just because. Signing up for races to give me company. 

It is such a beautiful world filled with all sorts of crazy and I am just trying to have my fill.
To belong or to not belong is a choice that we make. We decide if we want to live a cosseted life or go out, explore, adopt, integrate and assimilate.

Art by - Yours Truly..
P.S: Hello Blog - Been a while and I have missed you!
P.S1: I know a beautiful song about this feeling but the sad part is that I am not able to recall anything P.S2: This is a beautiful song. Totally relevant to present times..

Sometimes I'm right and I can be wrong
My own beliefs are in my song
The butcher, the banker, the drummer and then
Makes no difference what group I'm in

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