Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day6 & Day7 - With a Little Help From My Friends

I never thought that I would watch Friends ever again. I loved the show but then I was over it when it ended. Last week instead of reading books & articles I started watching Friends from the beginning and simply enjoyed it. I can't explain the trigger but I guess it was a very good decision. 

I used to keep telling people how I was over that phase of "Friends" and it was more for early twenties crowd. As soon as the Season -1 Episode -1 ended I immediately clicked on the 2nd episode. It had me the moment Monica Gellar said to Rachel Green: "Welcome to the real world! It sucks – you're going to love it."  I have to admit that I could relate to this show more this time around.
Yes, I am too embarrassed to admit it but that's the truth. I love how all characters have strong personalities. It is something that I never observed in my 20's. I focussed a little too much on the jokes back then. It is interesting to see how all these different characters bond and become each others support system. I am not here to review friends but something just resonated with me.

When I moved to the country my biggest concern was having a friend circle. I am a very easy person to get along with but lifelong friendships don't come easy to me. It takes me forever to accept all sides/ parts/ crazy personalities/ flaws and all that comes with having 
a friend. This is something that I am learning and working on. Also, I make friends but I can't have heart to heart conversations with all. It was easy when I was young and the world was full of possibilities. I had lovely, perfect, crazy, stupid, beautiful and brilliant friends who loved me and I loved them, and I spent my days and nights drifting amongst them, in my own world. As time passed, equations changed, life happened and eventually my coterie shrank. 
"Putting myself out there" became more and more difficult. I was having this conversation with my running buddy KT and she pointed out something interesting - "When we are young we indulge in communal living and that makes the whole process of making friends easier. As we grow older, circumstances change, obligations kick in and thats not really ideal for fostering new friendships". 

I was really nervous and wasn't sure what to expect when I moved here but some friends for eg:
Det-Res, Eby etc were there to sort me out when needed. I didn't get enough face time but that's all trivial. New friendships weren't that difficult too. It was easy. Saving spots for each other in tough classes. Having quiet coffees. Walking 2 kms to Farmers market together. Sharing recipes, life, views, thoughts. Saving few blueberry muffins from a large family batch. Cooking food and eating together (I have tried some weird combinations - Polish and Indian Food. Dominican and Indian food..) Leaving work early to check out sales. Faking a meeting in the conference room to actually shop online(shhhh!). Planning long runs together. Adjusting to each others pace during tough runs. Taking time out from a packed holiday for a few drinks with me.  Watching broadway shows together.
Yes, I have had some amazing experiences. It was like being in school all over again and I knew some were going to last longer when I got these:

And just like that it was also about meeting friends again and again after a lot of failed planning.

I met Hemant after 7 years last November. He has moved to the same friggin state. How awesome is that? We were always in touch but couldn't really meet each other. I posted that day on Instagram and this is exactly what I wrote: 

"And 7 years later we meet again!
The most amazing thing is how clouded those dates, timelines and events are in our heads. It doesn't matter. None of it. It feels good. Every time. There is beauty in saying hello again.."
1. I started writing this post last night but couldn't finish hence Day6 and Day 7 together
2. I really wanted the title to be "I'll be there for you" but couldn't let go of this one..


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