Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day4 - SOTN

It was a hectic day at work today. The whole day was spent at looking and analyzing the data.
I just needed to tune out. I love what I do but today was not my day. I wasn't in my element today. My mood was just like the weather today - grey and dull.
I came back home and wanted to sleep. Somehow my mind convinced my body that it wasn't a great idea. I changed in to my workout gear and decided to workout. That's the reason why I love having a home gym. I don't have to step out when the wind is blowing at 30km/hr ( Yes, it is bonkers today).
It is not perfect but I am working on it. Working out at home has its own perks and I am trying to make the most of it.

4.5 miles later I was still not feeling it. Last Sunday I did my meal prep for this week and it was mainly Indian food. I guess this wintry, gloomy, rainy, dull and grey weather needed it. After a hearty meal I played some music. Yes, that's my therapy. That's exactly what I should have done at 1830 hrs.

Some songs are just for you. They manage to touch that nerve when everything else fails. They get you going on dull days. I guess it was a coke studio kinda day. I love coke studio a lot. Sometimes I just put it on endlessly. It is amazing how it brings musicians from different walks of life on the same platform. I have to admit that I love Coke Studio Pakistan more. What I absolutely adore, appreciate and love is how music lovers from two different countries come together in the comments section and appreciate music.

Before I bore you with my same run-of-the-mill music talk, let me take a leaf out of my friend's book and declare this as the SOTN from my huge playlist:



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