Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day3 - ProCRAFTinating

Do you remember # 3 on this list?
I decided to contact a few towns for Craft Fairs. I got in touch with a nice lady who asked for a craft catalogue. I am planning to do this with a friend and both of us were pretty lost when she asked for our Craft Catalogue.

After some online research, we decided to create one. We catalogued our favorite pieces together and then it was time to personalize it. The craft-fair lady wanted a personalized catalogue with our story and our reasons for crafting. My friend finished her part and sent the document to me. I tried to put my part but it just didn't feel like a hearty conversation. I decided to sleep over it. I tried really hard to write 3 coherent sentences but words failed me every time. I decided to go for a quick run to focus and there it was. This is exactly what I wrote in the catalogue:

" I believe in creating things. I am passionate about reusing things. To me crafting is a beautiful journey. There is beauty in handmade imperfection and the ones who embrace it truly appreciate it. I enjoy the whole process, from conception to implementation, it is all mine. That’s why I craft."

Crafting is not just a hobby for me anymore. It is a way of life. I am a strong believer of repurpose, recycle and reuse. It helps me zone out and be in a different world. It is all trial and error and most days the end product does not match the initial thought process. I love crafting because it helps me personalize my world. It has something for everyone. There are no rules. To each his own. 

Each craft session leaves me wanting for more. I have my own craft corner and I love to spend all my time there. I am trying to learn things on my own. Last month I tried to learn oil painting and I am still learning to hold the brush right. There is no perfection. I am not trying to create a replica but to express my thoughts. 

When I look back at my drawings, paintings and craft, I see a different person, someone who is far far away in a different world. I see growth. No, I still feel ashamed to call myself an artist and yet I see progress. The style has changed over a period of time. I am not sure if thats a good thing but change is there, well chronicled, just like this blog..

Random Doodle
Latest Oil Painting

Rough Water Sketc

Porch scenes

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