Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day2- A tale of Drawstrings..

Like any self respecting fitness enthusiast I have also set some goals for the year ahead.
No surprises, eh? One of my many goals is to become an expert trail runner. I have already documented the beginning of my affair here. Last week I fell down on the road. Yes, I am clumsy as hell but  you already know that, don't you? The funny thing is that I ran on the mud, difficult terrain, ice, swamp, rocks and nothing happened. A few minutes of road running and I ended with a bloody knee, twisted ankle and torn tights. In that moment nothing bothered me except for my torn tights.
I am a shorts kinda gal. Give me a running pair of shorts, high compression socks, a warm upper and I am good to go. I should have been a soccer player. I started buying running tights after coming here and that was the only one that survived my previous running injuries. Most of them gave up, I didn't bother too. After this episode, I really started searching for good running tights and this has challenged my patience in every aspect. You can't run my favorite trail in shorts. You just cannot. The trail is loaded with bushes, thorns and what not..

I went to Dicks Sporting Goods to buy a pair of running tights because all my online shopping expertise fell short. I was shocked to see that none of the tights had drawstrings. I don't care about our fashion industry's stand on drawstrings but to me that's an integral part of the garment. Isn't convenience>> fashion >> science?  What did just change?

I asked the sales rep if they had running tights with drawstrings and he first looked at me as if I had asked for sequin-studded-hot pink-colored-bootcut pants for running. I am pretty sure he was mentally judging me too at the same time.
It just got me thinking how everything around us is changing all the time. Superfoods. Turmeric Lattes . Cauliflower Rice. I love trying out new things and I keep incorporating healthy things in to my life but this is beyond me. Every two years I read a new verdict on coconut oil. Avocado is everyones heartthrob these days. All this bothers me because two years from now it will be some other backyard-grown-vegetable-rice, turmeric latte will give way to honey ginger latte perhaps and quinoa will be the reason for cancer.

I guess there is no stopping it. This is what we all have signed up for and have to live with it.
We can exercise moderation though. I hope this culture changes.

I think I should sign off here because I have some serious browsing to do. I need to find tights with drawstrings. This is my biggest stress at the moment. Who knew I would see this day?

Btw- I did have my moment that day in the Sun when my friend clicked this brilliant pic. It was candid and I was in my own element. This photo was taken exactly 5 minutes before I fell down. All too predictable, eh?



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