Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Circle Of Life

I was in my second year when I day bunked college for the first time. We went to a friends house to spend our day. His dad was an engineer, traveler and used to buy all latest gadgets. We were naturally excited to experience his much talked about home theatre. That day we all decided to watch the lion king and 2 hrs later I was 5 again. I was too naive to understand the circle of life at that time.
It was about Simba, machismo, courage, Mufasa and other things.

Last Sunday when I went to the city for this broadway show little did I know that I was signing up for an experience.  Yes, New York city can be a little intimidating for anyone and the theatre district has a dark magical pull.  The lion king has so much more to it than simple narrative drawn loosely from "Hamlet". The circle of life gives you something to think about. Colors. Sounds. Energy. Do I need to say more?

The songs are simply beautiful and so are all those performances. I recommend this show to everyone. It brings out the little kid in you. The show is infectious and 2 hours later It was such a happy feeling. One of the musicians was in such a state of trance. He was completely submerged in it and his face had nothing but pure joy ( I want to write more about this in a different post)..

The message that it leaves you with gives you something to think about. "You must take your place in the circle of life" - We were born for a reason. We have to let nature run its course. We sometimes lose purpose but then we play our part in someone else's story and that's alright. We have to maintain balance. The people in our lives that have passed away will  always be with us. They are watching over us. They leave their legacy behind and that will always stay with us. Nature and nurture merge seamlessly inside you.

Since we have just celebrated Thanksgiving I should really be thankful for these experiences. I celebrated my first Thanksgiving here and I loved it. A very wise man once told me to always pay it forward and boy what a wonderful advice. The idea is to repay kindness by being kind to others. Some people carry their world with them and well I guess I am just one of them.  Two of my closest friends have moved here and Deepal would be moving here soon. Life is full of surprises.
I cooked a feast which was quite an achievement considering I haven't been cooking/ baking lately. I completely "chickened" out and settled for chicken instead of turkey.  It felt really good. I didn't make use of any "legendary" black Friday sales - Just some craft supplies and I am super excited about them.

It has been a long tiring day and I think that we should do this often. What do you think?
Thanks for reading my disconnected thoughts and Hakuna Matata for now.

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  1. Beautiful. Everyone dies but not everyone lives. You are living, Shilpi.