Saturday, November 19, 2016

About Running Long and Staying Strong..

I am a road runner. I love running on concrete, asphalt etc however damaging that might be.
There is a different high when you run with cars, cyclists and bikers. There is too much happening always. There are different school of thoughts about road running and I am not going to debate that.
Earlier this year I met Kt at the gym and we have been friends ever since. She is a trail runner. A few weeks back while working out she invited me to join her for a trail run. I was really skeptical of doing a trail run but she convinced me. We went to our favorite trail for a long run. The idea was to run 10 miles and I was really nervous and a little guarded. Oh, the aunt flo didn't help either. We did run 10 miles but I was crazy uncomfortable the whole time. I was too caught up in my head to actually enjoy it. The slow timing didn't help either.
I really thought that I was done with this trail running business but there was something inside which urged me to try again.  I decided to do a trail run again today. The weather was beautiful and I was feeling really fresh early in the morning.  This time around I was more calm and was aware of what was coming my way.

It is a different kind of craziness. The calm that takes you over is just out of this world. It wasn't just a run but an experience. I savored every bit of my trip along the way. There comes a point when you just blend in with the nature seamlessly. Instead of conquering the trail you start enjoying the rhythm and that my friends is the best thing.

The trail was a little wobbly in places, the rocks on the ground were a little slippery, the path was so narrow at times that I had to walk but these minor inconveniences were simply worth it.

We talked a lot while running today - mainly about life, experiences and fitness. Kt grew up in this area and is familiar with trails. She volunteers thrice a month for trail maintenance. She is definitely faster than most runners but I am sure with time I will get better too.
I have to admit that I haven't been feeling myself lately. The crazy work pressure has only made matters worse -  I love the thrill and it is something that I missed in India but it has taken away a good part of my life. I have to reclaim my life, take charge and make myself happy. I don't want to wait till January for new beginnings. The time is now.

I am working on my endurance and there are no shortcuts there. You have to do what's needed to make peace with the long route. Every once in a while you got to find yourself. You have to challenge your comfort zone and find your strong. I am on a mission here and there's no stopping anymore.

I was so happy with my run today. I spotted a woodpecker, raccoon and countless squirrels and just when I thought I had figured trail running I fell flat bruising myself. Thankfully it was towards the end of my run and I guess I am more determined to go back and run again. Till then I will try and manage with concrete, asphalt and my treadmill

And no run is complete without a cup tall, black and strong coffee. A little tradition that we follow after every run/ workout.

Btw- I have fallen for these cups completely. A bright reminder of what lies ahead..

"Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain" - John Kerouac


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