Friday, September 2, 2016

Running Stories

It has been a while since I started running again. My running sabbatical was brutal and it impacted me more psychologically than physically. It also helped in doing things which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I joined Les Mills programs - Body Pump and GRIT. It not only helped me in staying fit but I also ended up making some really cool friends with lots of potential for long term associations. 

Getting back to running was really difficult. It was more difficult than I could have ever imagined. I accepted it as a challenge but in retrospect I should have been more prudent with my goals. Very foolishly I was just trying to pick leftover pieces of my training instead of resetting my goals and training. 

I am doing very well in my Body Pump and Les Mills classes but there is something off with my running. The strength and endurance that I used to wear as medals are nowhere to be found. I feel like a newbie runner who already knows a bit about running. I feel very embarrassed during my long runs when I am struggling to get over with them. 

Before you bombard me with science I want you to know that I am aware of it. 

Myrunning  sabbatical lasted for 50 days and getting back wasn’t a problem until I started with long runs. I have been running regularly for the past two months.  A few days back I realized that something had changed. I am trying really hard these days to find my form, technique and spirit. It has been a struggle so far. I feel pretty depressed about it.  I am still running fairly regularly but my runs are different now. They are not solid anymore. I finish my long runs with a lot of discomfort and struggle

My friend has recently started reading What I talk about When I talk about running and has been sharing snippets on Instagram. The bits of book that resonate well with her and it kind of got me thinking that probably I need to stop stressing out about my form, strength and endurance. There are no shortcuts and eventually I will find them again. One day at a time. Baby steps. 
This is not the time to quit and get depressed about these things. Maybe I will not get my PR this year, so really what? That’s not the only reason for me to run 13.1 miles. Right?  I used to love running unconditionally. I guess it's the expectations that are ruining it for me.  May be it is a process and will evolve me in to a better runner. I just need to hold on to that thought for now. 

Life happens all the time and I can’t be a baby about these things. 
On that note, I am off to the mountains this weekend. Really excited about it and when I get back I am going to start all over again. Just like every other time.



  1. A weekend in the mountains sounds idyllic!

  2. @Laura - It was such a nice experience that I can't even tell ya :) Will DM all the details!