Saturday, June 4, 2016

Music and Reps..

I attend Body pump classes twice/ thrice a week at my local gym. The only reason I signed up was because I really wanted to do something different. The day I could resume my intense workouts was the day when I decided to sign up for a few classes - Body Pump, GRIT, CX Works etc. It was the best decision ever. Now that I am getting back to running (slowly and steadily) my fitness has improved.
The classes are usually early in the morning and is a very good way to kick start the day.
For the uninitiated, Body pump is a choreographed routine done using a barbell with moderate to heavy weights.

Some of the the regular exercises included in Body Pump routine are:

Chest Press
Dead rows
Clean and Press
Press Pullover Combo
Reverse Curl

There are lots of repetitions and pulses (approximately 800/ class of these exercises) and there are multiple releases every 2-3 months (The entire routine changes). 

I look forward to these classes and wake up happy on those days. There is nothing like working out together with a room full of people from different walks of life and yet working towards a common goal. The competition is with your own self. The idea is to be better than yesterday.  Every class is a chance to take your body to a higher level. To give your best. It also connects you with like minded folks and helps you to be a part of community. 

The music is just kickass. There is this one particular triceps track which I really enjoy. Today  I made it a point to set a reminder on my phone to check it out later. 
I was feeling a little blue and played this particular song because music really has all answers. Isn't it?

I was watching the video and was really shocked. I expected fit dancers with awesome moves. 
It follows an old man chasing the vision of a woman that he loves a long way across a country. Using a picture and her memories at his bedside before he got very sick and almost died, the man wakes up and goes on this epic journey in an electronically powered wheelchair across rolling countryside, mountainous terrain and long stretches of road. He turns down bar dancers for lap dances and clicks a few selfies along the way and finds his woman. 

For some reason it really lifted my spirits high and I promptly added it to my running playlist too. 

What would we do without music? A good half an hour playlist feels so rewarding. The emotions that music invokes and the amount of dopamine that it releases is amazing. Life would be just so dull without it. There would be no songs to share. There would be no memories on rainy days. There would be no associations. The past would look so dull and boring without it. I associate a lot with songs and I might be a very bad singer but I can spot good lyrics. I am quite tuned that way. 

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did.  It is stuck in my head and is it weird that every time I hear this song I feel my sore triceps?

Before you dismiss these classes as some fad - I am down to 21% body fat and I think that counts for something?

P.S: I am looking for a particular Shiva song (Indie rock band - Have already Checked Rudra). Very fast paced with some awesome drumming.  I used to have it on my iPod and lost it. I need to add it to my running playlist and if you know of this song please drop an email/ comment with the youTube link. 

P.S1: Hastily written post.  I will come back and correct the mistakes later..


  1. That is pretty awesome. Well I think everything is a fad, unless you make it work for yourself. I am working on slow and steady and I am very happy with it. No matter what I have done, I haven't gained an ounce of weight lost. That is my goal. Whatever your goals maybe, what you do to achieve it, is golden. I am super impressed. Very well done.

  2. I agree with you completely. I guess you have to make things work for yourselves. The best part is that as soon as you finish one goal there's another one staring right on to your face :)