Sunday, May 15, 2016

Voices In The Sky..

I am usually late to pick on trends. Make no mistake, I love trying and experimenting with technology both personally and professionally but getting hooked on to something takes a while.

A recent example is Podcasting. I somehow never thought of listening to podcasts before. I was neither curious nor fascinated. A month ago, I was discussing  The Bill Maher Show  with someone and he shared the link of an old podcast episode. I confessed being a podcast virgin and he promptly suggested me to download this app called STITCHER. I started browsing through the list of shows and found a few interesting ones. Interesting enough to make me stay. It was like wonderland for me. I save shows to my favorites and then listen to them whilst commuting, working, walking, exercising, chilling at home, painting, zentangling, reading and while wasting time on social media. Every once in a while I just stop whatever I am doing and pay my full attention to whats playing there.

Out of a thousand million things that I listen to, I really look forward to New Yorkers Fiction episodes. It is monthly reading and conversation with the New Yorker editor. Two months back, I read this book and since then I have been digging around for older editions of New Yorker at the library (for short stories).  I love the quality that it has to offer. What really surprised me was how much I enjoyed the audio version.

A while back my BT (birthday twin) told me about Audible and immediately I decided that it wasn't for me.  As expected, I dismissed it completely. I couldn't have been more wrong. Listening to stories is a different ball game altogether. Story telling is an art. When I was 2-3 years old, my mother used to drop me to my grandparents house on her way to work. It was a good 2-3 kilometer walk and she would tell me stories to keep me entertained. Later on, my grandpas used to leave no chance to tell us stories. My maternal grandpa mostly told me stories from english Literature while my paternal grandpa was more in to mythology.
I still remember those stories vividly. One thing that was common between them was that they were good story tellers. They told interesting stories. Those long and well drawn out stories felt like snippets from yellowed, stained and old books with dog eared pages.  I came to know almost all of their stories.  Some of them I could repeat verbatim. Listening to stories after so many years have brought back those memories.  I have really started enjoying my time listening to those stories.  Story telling is not new to us. Different cultures have their own style. Even if a story is the same, each culture will express it differently, because each one has its own genres, traditions and cultural rules.
Calypso, Bharatnatyam, Hula, Griot, Sagas are nothing but different forms of storytelling.

I am not sure if I can ever stop reading but I am now open to audio novels. Audio stories feel like everyday conversations.  The characters feel more real with voice. All I need to do is plug in my earphones and listen to them. It has also cut my TV time significantly. I normally listen to stories when I am cooking, baking or painting because thats when my mind is completely free.
The other times I simply put on news, comedy, running or technology channels.

It's amazing how you start associating with voices and how you're able to distinguish between them.
I observe how different hosts pronounce simple words differently (Example: Maybe, Mayonnaise, Y'all,  Adults etc). The way podcasters take controlled breaks between sentences. The way they cover up incorrectly pronounced words. I hear it all..!

I really think that I should share some of my favorites here. All in good time.

Any recommendations from y'all?
P.S: Post title is this beautiful song


  1. I'm still a podcast virgin. So many people have told me to try it once and I've always dismissed it for some reason. Maybe there really is something to it.

  2. Haven't ever heard podcasts myself. My husband is addicted. If you keep talking about them I might get into it too..

  3. @Priyanka and @Det-res - It wasn't very appealing at the beginning but there is so much out there. There is something for everyone. You just need to find what you like and get started. Last night I heard this podcast - Burnt Toast by Food52 and just fell in love with it.

    My favorite ones are The New Yorker (Fiction, Opinion etc), This American life (Highly recommended) and a few tech related..
    You can try some of these I am sure they will interest you:

    1. Food52 - Burnt Toast
    2. Go Fork Yourself (Food)
    2. Here's the Thing ( Alec baldwin converses with interesting people)
    4. The Minimalist Podcast
    5. BulletProof Radio ( Fitness)

  4. I listen to only two Podcasts. Jenna Marvles and Not too deep with Grace. Both comic YouTube personalities.
    You know, I always get to know new tech or social media related things pretty soon, thanks to reading tons of blogs and news websites. And I get home decor, hobby, DIY, gardening, fashion ideas too. But like you, I dismiss it away saying not interesting enough or no time or worse, no money. Lol. And then someone starts doing it! So when I finally do it, seems like I am jumping on a bandwagon or copying! I sound so childish when I say this out aloud. Hope you get my point though. Haha
    -Princess Butter.

    1. Resisting change is human nature I think. Once I see people comfortable with trends then I usually try them out. Here I never ever got a chance to get in to podcasts - Could be my circle?

      Now I feel so overwhelmed with so many of them...
      My favorite "someday-I-will-do" activities are - DIY'ng old shirts and jeans and refashioning them and Wall art :)..

      You sound pretty much like me..