Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sky Above, Earth Below and Fire Within..

Last year I got an opportunity to work with two friends who bit the bullet and started their own ventures. Frankly, I wasn't doing any great work of significance for them. Just odds and ends. My regular work wasn't very demanding and I could easily spare 1-2 hrs in a day to work for them.
The interesting thing is that both these friends were in regular day jobs and used their weekends and every waking minute apart from work and regular things to pursue their dreams.

We talked for hours about their ventures, plans, plan-B's, rationales and I was in awe of these friends. They didn't compromise on the quality of their day jobs, fitness was non-negotiable for them and they still had time for family and close ones. After working closely with them for a few months I realized that these guys had their priorities set. They didn't waste their time on social media. They didn't spend hours on coffee/drinks talking/ gossiping about mundane things every other day. They didn't binge watch on TV shows. They didn't spend hours shopping online/offline. They were living a very "scheduled" life. It was inspiring. They had a purpose in life and that kept them going. I have to admit that I had never felt so inspired in my life.

It is not just about people who are working on startups. It is about people living a regular life (in a regular job) and are working towards their next professional goal - A startup/ A college degree/ A Career change. I am not judging or trying to prove anyone better here. I am just trying to convey how this category inspires me to achieve more professionally.

Apart from those two friends there is someone I know who is currently working on his "big" idea along with his regular job.  We've discussed his idea a thousand times already. His motivation feels all too familiar.  Fitness is non-negotiable for him as well. I wanted to know what he really sacrificed because I see it as a trade off. He has given up on his passion for writing, social media, movies.
All this fascinates me. This idea to dream big, nurture that dream and to make that dream come true when that comfort zone is all too comfortable. I understand that we're not all the same and most of us don't have it in us. I do wonder about their tenacity. Is it something that they are born with? I really hope that I develop this someday (Or my mind finds it hidden within me) Some day I want to bite that bullet too and now I know that my idea is just not in my head. I want it more than ever.  After moving here I am more than sure of it.

Det-res is pursuing her next degree and this other friend Maria who is a single mom is pursuing her MBA at the age of 40. Oh, did I ever tell you about my friend who is now planning to switch his career path and is studying photography?  How could I not be inspired?
Their thought process is totally different. They don't let trivial things to get to them. Yes, they have made sacrifices too and are just more productive than most of us.

Last week I was at the train station waiting for my train and standing in line for a fat cup of cappuccino when I spotted a fellow gym goer. I walked up to him to say hii and saw him lost in paperwork.
He was busy sorting out paperwork for his next venture. He is in a regular job, working on his dream and works as a fitness instructor over the weekends.

Every time I think about these people I feel driven. I have no words to describe how they inspire me. The way they push their boundaries is simply fascinating. They have 24 hrs like most of us and they spend those hrs dreaming big,  aspiring big and achieving big.  Now that I know a few of them personally I can safely that they have their down-time too. They are unreachable, clueless and depressed at times. The only difference is that their goals matter to them. They don't cry over every thing. They don't seek validation at all times. They are compassionate and yet attentive to their own needs. They have humility. They desire to be successful. They are doers. I want to be like them. I am not there as yet but someday I will be.  I am working on it.

Look around. See people. Learn from them. Get inspired. Be motivated. Achieve something..
This is all that we have. It's now or never.



  1. I am not sure I am any of those things you mentioned. For one I know I spend too much time on social media. I do agree that people around us can be great motivators. You are lucky to be surrounded by so much inspiration. Hopefully you can make the most of it.

  2. You're inspiring. Managing so many things along with studies is incredible.
    People around me are great motivators and Yes, I feed off from their energy :)