Friday, April 29, 2016

Anthem Challenge#13

I woke up with this terrible pain today. I was not able to register anything. I felt fixed and decided to give in and stay inside the covers. It was too much to bear. There was a constant buzz in my ears and I just couldn't focus. In that incoherent, dazed and hallucinated state I thought of this song. In that state I thought of this space and my Anthem Challenge series. It has been a while since I have done that.

This song is relatively new in my life and I have been listening to this song a lot lately.  I first heard it at the supermarket. I quickly Shazam'd it and forgot all about it. A few days later I was watching a TV show and this song popped up. I immediately YouTubed, Googled and Bookmarked it.

It's a beautiful song about love, regret, belonging and basically "trying to get it right". What's not to love? The folk rhythm is catchy and the song stays on.

There are multiple interpretations for this song. According to Urban dictionary the slang "Ho Hey" means "a word used when something has not gone according to plan, to dispel one's feeling of disappointment".  They all say that it is about unrequited love but for me it is about belonging to a place. It is about laying down roots somewhere. Stamping a place as my own. With every relocation I have lost an opportunity to make a place my potential "home".  I do feel attached to the places I have been and yet something stops me from owning them. The word home reminds me of multiple places. I guess I should make my peace with that.

I know that we win some and lose some. Today is not about new experiences or learnings but about whats left behind. And this is exactly what this song makes me think about. To me this song is not about acquiring new things, making new friends but about the ones left behind, their stories and my life in their stories. There's a different joy in uprooting but lets not digress.

With time my relationships have changed. Some bonds have become stronger than ever whereas some just couldn't take the strain. I cherish every thing and I am grateful to everyone for being there and playing their part. Even the ones which have gone sour.  Every relationship comes with its own terms and life. The terms are very subjective and circumstantial. There is no right and wrong, it is just how you tell your story and there is no way I am going to let negative overshadow positive. I promised myself to be a better person. I promised myself to rise above. I promised myself to let go. Every day.

I have a lot to be thankful about. I have a solid support system of friends who have been there for me. Every step of the way. The distances might have disrupted our calls, coffees, drinks or just being listless but emotionally we are still there. I feel proud of this everyday.
Today morning when I got this message from Germany - "I miss your blog posts. Please keep writing" It just made my day.  It made me so happy. This one line made me articulate my thoughts, open my blogger and write.

This song is every where these days. In my head, on my lips and in my heart.
Yes, it feels like an Anthem at the moment.
Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

I hope you like this song and find your meaning and peace. 

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  1. :) :) .... keep writing ..... I miss your blogs :) :)