Saturday, March 19, 2016

Empire State of Mind

I suppose there comes a point when certain things become natural. My family has close friends in New York and there was a time when every other day we ended up finalizing our NY trip. More like castles in the air. I guess it was inevitable that I would one day find myself in New York City either for business or leisure. I have made a few trips to NYC ever since I have landed here. Some were for business, while others were just for fun.
I don't love this city as yet but it seems to be growing on me and all this when I don't even live in the city!!  There's something different about it. Every trip is stamped with incidents, stories and thats what makes it just different for me.  New York City is what you make of it and it certainly isn't for everyone. People are everywhere. People from all walks of life speaking multiple languages. After all, as I heard, the city was meant to be a melting pot. The heterogeneity blows away your mind. Perhaps living in NYC is an addiction. I am pretty sure that there are underground support groups for ex-New Yorkers living elsewhere.  

There are alleys that feel grim and dark. The promise that it holds feel fleeting. It is also a city for unfinished stories, broken dreams, broken hearts, hardships and ruthlessness. It is always running against the clock. Yes, the winters feel gloomy but the gloom comes with its own silver lining.

The city has its own beat and rhythm. It feels as if it is under a big trance. Everybody has a reason, purpose and justification to be there.  To be challenged and excited by the variety of opportunities and activities. There seems to be a magic power or maybe it does voodoo to people. They say that its the best place to start over at any age. I am really counting on that. I have opened this chapter with a lot of hope and faith. I hope its magic rubs off on me.

Like one drunk NewYorker told me on St Patrick's Day that It's the heartbeat that keeps you here. And I added - Don't forget the crosswords in the NYT and Onion.

P.S: The post title is a song by Alicia Keys..


  1. Oh! I fell in love with this city at first sight. :)

  2. It might be best not to keep any expectations. Let your experience guide you.