Saturday, January 23, 2016

White Winter Washout..

A huge winter storm pounded our part of world this weekend. The warnings were issued well ahead and weather emergencies were declared. Frankly this is all that I had been hearing the last week in the news. It found its way in almost every conversation. Lots of weekend plans were disrupted. In a strange way I was quite excited about it. Staying put, self imposed house arrest, planning ahead, stocking up on groceries, buying liquor. 

It also reminded me of my time in my ancestral place. I think most of you know that I belong to this little place. I have spent quite a bit of time there over vacations and in different seasons but never during the peak winters. It used to be a beautiful place. Ground plus two floors with wood paneled floors. The walls lined with craft work, anchor quick stitches and some old fading black and while photos. It is a big house with the bathroom as an annex because you couldn't have a bathroom inside the house in those days. Yes, it is that old. It has a huge kitchen too with clear demarcations for food serving. There was a proper protocol which needed to be followed while cooking and serving.

The front yard had malta, mango, peach and some assorted trees. It was just lovely. At night we all drank milk before sleeping. No TV, NO staying up late, chit chatter with cousins, discussing spooky stories and the latest ghost spotting. The sky was always clear with stars looking absolutely beautiful. There were frequent power cuts and we would look out of the window to see beautiful lights in the distance.  Far far away.  Everybody knew everybody so the chai gatherings were inevitable. It is another matter that we used to get bored pretty soon because hello, No TV.  There is only so much reading that you can do.  I liked the random hikes, loitering around and in general doing nothing. 
I often think about that place and wonder what it would be like during the peak winters.
We mostly went there during the good weather and never got to see what the peak winter weather was like.

So coming back to the blizzard well there is almost 20-25 inches of snow accumulated outside as I type this . The winds are strong and a pure white washout is expected. 
I have been listening to good music, cooked, binge watched shows, reading and everything in between.

This is my second blizzard experience. The first was this but this time its a different experience altogether. Sitting inside, contemplating, reflecting on life and just chilling in general.
I don't think its going to stop anytime soon and the evening looks promising with old monk and a round of nachos. Later, if I am still hungry I will make french toast. 

Oh, I should get going I have a cake in mind and want to bake it while it is still fresh in my head.

Enjoy your weekend folks.


  1. Say more about your vacations in Pithoragarh, please. What was the meal protocol? Is the house still around? Hope you are enjoying the blizzard and staying warm. Even Texas winters that are mild were too much for me.

  2. And which cake would that be? Such a lovely description of your ancestral home!

  3. Aaarrrghhh. I had typed out some 250 words here and then accidentally closed it before hitting publish. Never mind. Will send an e-mail instead now. :( Hope you guys are safe?