Friday, January 8, 2016

The Lost Art..

In the past few weeks or so, I have rediscovered writing. The actual writing with pen-on-paper.
I have always been a fan of stationary. The different types of papers, 2B pencils, pilot pens, handmade papers, moleskine and all that jazz. I've now religiously started carrying my notebook and pens around with me.

Once I started writing again it made me realize what I was missing all along. I actually think twice before writing anything on paper. Those carefully worded sentences just make me so happy, the slight curve of r's and t's is enough to make my heart flutter with joy. I don't think that emails can actually replace the grace of writing. The beauty lies in the fact that those words can't just be backspaced.

I wrote a lot of letters in 2014, some of them reached their destination and some are still lost somewhere with postal stamps on them. I received a lot of letters too and carry them around with me like souvenirs. Reading those letters again take me to that sweet place, a happy place with lush greens all around and beautiful sun. Writing makes me slow down. It makes me think and communicate. It is therapeutic and relaxing.

So, yes. Writing is becoming a lost art and I feel sorry for it. I remember my childhood when my paternal granddad used to send us those blue colored inland letters from the mountains every week. They were mainly addressed to my dad but there was a sense of connection with those.
My maternal granddad has a beautiful handwriting. He has stopped writing altogether because of old age but I still remember those elegant d's and beautiful g's. My handwriting is horrible but then I try to be neat with my letters.

So there's a school of thought which talks about being eco-friendly and all that jazz. They even write ‘think before you print this email’ in their signature. Really, who prints emails, anyway?
I don't think that sending letters would actually destroy the ecosystem. It might just save many relationships/ friendships though..

So,  this year I am going to send letters to my friends (Also, feel free to send me letters/ postcards). The handwritten ones. The ones which are well thought out and not written hurriedly. The ones where I will share my story. There is a flow and delicateness to this entire process. I just love it. I think it is the best way to convey that "I Care and I have your back"

A friend of mine has already mailed a postcard to me from his city. I am too impatient and can't wait to read it.

So this whole process of writing made me start doodling again. With time my doodles became quite intricate. I like this form of art. I have always maintained that patterns define us and this only reinforces my belief. This year I have decided to play around with Zentangles and see where it takes me.

2016 Resolution #3: More Doodling and Letter writing

Separate posts for Resolution# 1&2 will follow..


  1. I was actually going to ask everybody who has commented on my blog for their addresses to send them letters in November. Then I didn't get around to doing it because I was just not in a happy place. How nice that you are going to be receiving letters from your friends. So much to cherish about this thought.

  2. I was going to message you today for your address :)..Please email me!!

    1. When you talk about the mountains, I could not help but remember this book that I read by Ira Pande - Diddi, My mother's voice. It was my introduction to the way of life in Kumaon and Uttarakhand of which I knew very little. Was a lovely read. Will email.

    2. I have heard that it is a very good book. Since I am a kumaoni it naturally caught my attention. I will buy it. Life is kumaon is very interesting :).
      One day I want to go back to my roots to start it all over again :)

    3. Oh, I didn't realize you are Kumaoni. How nice. What I actually wanted to say and did not finish saying because I got distracted talking about other stuff is that I really liked this post. And I think since you are away from home, you should send me your address and I will send you a letter first. And do write about Kumaon. These are not narratives that are easily accessible in mainstream writing and I am forever looking for stories from places that we don't know too much about. Pande's was the only book I have read from these parts.