Sunday, December 20, 2015

For I Must be Traveling on Now..

You know you have settled in a neighborhood when little kids start acknowledging you.
A couple of months ago a little one said hii to me and even asked about my running band. I thought maybe it was a sign that I was finally settled and have found my ground in Delhi-NCR but life clearly had other plans. I had a few things in the pipeline with very slim chances of materializing and then something just clicked, worked and happened. I decided to take it, embrace it and see what it brings me next. I am moving out. There is still a lot that needs to be done so I will share the details in my sweet time. I am in between relocation's and yet again I am a broth of emotions. 

If you have been here for long, I am sure you are aware of my discomfort with Delhi-NCR. The homecoming didn't feel the way it was supposed to but then things changed somewhere early this year. I started enjoying Delhi and the baggage that it comes with. I made new friends and decided to detox my life a bit. Thankfully, it worked well for me. I found my peace in chaos, crazy traffic, dusty afternoons, smoggy evenings, Delhi metros, hot summers and dry winters. I have enjoyed every bit of it. I think it is now time to say bye to Delhi and explore a new place far far away. 

The last few weeks have been emotionally exhilarating, demanding, exhausting and challenging. I am sure I will be fine. It has taken me a while to come and write here. I thought about it every day. I tried writing every now and then but it didn't feel good enough. I was also trying to grasp my situation somewhere. In my own sweet way. Today I decided to not to wait for that perfect post and best words. I decided to just write and share my story. I have made so many wonderful friends and the fact that they stood by me just make them special. It feels a little sad every time I think of my relocation but I guess this is what I signed up for. My friends understand that and our friendship has only gotten stronger. 

The new place is going to be challenging, different and well just new but thankfully I have my people there as well. I know that they have my back. I have Eby, MG and Another-friend-who-shall-not-be-named-here (Because I need her blessings to use her blog address)

The other day I came across this and couldn't help but wonder about its relevance:

This is so true and I can identify with this at so many levels. I am moving on and the new version will be different. For better or for worse, I have no control over that and it makes me sad. I am kinda cool with the way I am at the moment. 

The last few weeks have been stressful. I dismantled a whole house (Yet again). Closed different ends and captured lots of moments(both literally and figuratively) but I think I will be fine with time.

P.S: I told ya this was life Anthem
P.S1: I know I haven't really shared too many details but I will come around. I always do. I will write more... So be patient and sit back


  1. Oh , You are moving :) , Are you moving to my city by any chance ? :)
    And I hope its for good !!

  2. Good luck to you! As someone who has moved around quite a lot and dismantled and put together homes a bit too much, I'd say to you that once you get past that emotional roller coaster it does get better. It is an adventure and I'm sure very soon you'll feel the exhilaration of it :)

  3. Good luck with your travels and settling. I am sure new adventures await you. We have all come to the age of wanting some stability and settlement! But you got this!

    Look forward to reading more about your travels and your experiences!