Sunday, November 22, 2015


When I saw that Made To Misfit had tagged me to this post I was quite happy. I really liked the questions and would love to answer those here and also because she called me Fun (or so I assumed)

One beauty product you would recommend to your girlfriends:

Those who know me are aware of the fact that I am a no-makeup-girl. My policy is to flaunt your face without any makeup while you can. Also, I kinda like the nude look. The powdered look is not for me. Who knows what will be the state of my face when I hit 40. Pollution guys?

The only beauty product that I can't live without is my Kajal. I used to use Mac Kajal but then switched to Maybelline - Colossal Kajal. I have been recommending this product to everyone. It is long lasting, does not cause any irritation, easy to use and just for 200 bucks. Yes, I am cheap like that.

I am also in love with body butters. The body shop - cocoa butter is my favorite. It is a classic. The fragrance isn't chocolate-y but there is sweet cocoa in the mix. The fragrance is not overpowering and lasts for 5-6 hours

The rich texture is to die for. It leaves a soft sheen on the surface of the skin. So lovely. Also, the biggest plus point is that they don't test on animals and are approved by Leaping Bunny.
I would love to mention my favorite fragrances also but that's a very personal thing and feels different on everyone.

Three books everyone must read

Man's Search For Meaning: It is about Viktor Frankl's story of his struggle in a concentration camp (Auschwitz).  It has 100 pages and I was a changed person after reading that book.
I wrote about it here

Tuesdays With Morrie:  I think every book lover has read this book at some point. I loved it.
Mitch Albom has a very animated way of writing/ describing things. I wrote about it here.

The Count Of Monte Cristo: It is a classic. Most people think that this book is about revenge but it is much deeper than that. I have read this book twice and I am in love with this book.

“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” - Victor Hugo

 Some Others:
1. Toba Tek Singh - Short stories by Sadat Hassan Manto. I wrote about it Here.
2. Game of Thrones series - I am really biased
3. 100 Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Just because..
4. What I talk about when I talk about Running - Haruki Murakami
5. Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami
6. Sputnik Sweetheart - Haruki Murakami 

Favourite online shopping site

I love the convenience of online shopping. It has transformed our lives. The way it is shaping up in India is revolutionary. I love how it is changing our mindset and transforming our lives.
I am an active online shopper. When I was in Germany I used to shop from Zalando and Asos quite a bit and when I landed in India I started shopping from Jabong. They are both ventures of Rocket18 group so naturally I am drawn towards Jabong.

Apart from Jabong, I shop from NaturesBasket (Gourmet Stuff), CCDS (Baking Stuff), Amazon (For all other things)

Favourite phone app

I love Instagram and Twitter. Both these apps are sassy, quick and the life span is short unlike Facebook where random posts pop up every now and then.

I am in love with Trello. I am a control freak and love to handle things in an organized manner. The only problem is that I am not built to be organized and that's where Trello comes in.
You can create Lists (are you listening to me?), dashboards, share your lists etc

One dish you are really good at making and its recipe

Cooking, baking, creating dishes, thinking about recipes comes naturally to me.
My experiences have shaped me and it reflects the way I perceive, think and talk about food.
Food is an experience for me and my cooking shows the places that I have been to.

Favorite dishes: 
Thai Curry with Rice, Thukpa, Chicken Pie, Paella, Kuzu Tandir, Eggs in any form, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Mushroom toast

The Easiest recipe - Mushroom Toast:
 1. 1 Bread slice
 2. 1/2 cup mushrooms chopped
 3. 2 garlic pods minced
 4. A pinch of Oregano
 5. Salt and Pepper as per taste
 6. Butter 1 TSP
 7. Grated cheese - 2 TBSP
 8. 2-3 drops of milk

Heat butter in a pan and add garlic and stir for 30 seconds, add mushrooms and saute well. Add salt, pepper and oregano. Add cheese and let it melt a bit. Add milk and mix everything well.
Toast your bread slice and add the cooked mushrooms to your bread toast and voila..

Favorite Movies:

Into The Wild: This movie talks about possibilities and how we need to experience nature, open spaces and life. The soundtrack is so spot on. A beautiful movie.

The Others are:
The Lunchbox, DDLJ, Forrest Gump, The Departed, Lakshya

I would further like to tag Det-Res, Priyanka and Tanny      to answer these same questions since I love talking to them and look forward to drinking many many many coffees with them..
I would also love to tag GM and Made To Misfit but they have already done this so I think I will create a new tag.



  1. Why is the Rocket 18 affiliation meaningful to you?

    In spite of the broken stick, I did buy Maybelline again along with Soul Tree that I wanted to try because I like smudged looks.

  2. GM: I had such an awesome time shopping with Zalando that it became a usual thing. The moment I saw that affiliation here I got hooked. Thats all.

    Haan Maybelline is pretty cool no? It doesnt smudge at all.. :)

  3. I am not seeing your posts in my reader again. :( I came here hoping you would have written this post. :)

    1. I think its a stupid compatibility issue :( and nothing that I can fix..

  4. Enjoyed reading your post. I loved reading Man's Search for Meaning. I want to read it again.

    Didn't know of CCDS. Going to try asap.

    Trello sounds awesome. I love making lists. Will give it a go.

    I love love love Thukpa. Don't know how I forgot to mention it in my post.

    Kuzu Tandit sounds like such a fun name. Googling what that is now. :)

    1. I wish I could write inline answers.. Anyway:

      1. I went to Auschwitz and read that book much later but I was really affected for days. I think it is a brilliant book and the kinds that you can just keep re-reading..

      2. You will love CCDS and esp the packaging stuff there is great. I have ordered quite a bit from there..

      3. Trello is brilliant - The look and feel and esp when you move cards from one queue to another.. The experience is brilliant for a listomaniac like me

      4. Thukpa - Isn't it the most amazing thing? The comfort, nutrition and taste all in one

      5. Kuzu Tandir taste really nice.. It is fragrant and so tender and where lamb is roasted with spices.. Lovely dish and so nutritious..


  5. Thank you for tagging me! This sounds like fun :) And oh, Into the Wild is my absolute favorite movie of all time too!

    1. I am waiting Priyanka.. :)
      Yes, brilliant movie and the book was very nice too..
      I think it carries several messages. People just say that the movie is about leaving for wilderness but in reality it is not. There is much more to that. We can be close to nature without going to Alaska..

  6. Thank you for the tag. It has been so long since I did one. Will get to it asap. I think I started reading your blog about the time you mentioned that book and that post. I loved your writing and expression of emotions. Look forward to more posts like that from you..

    Also sending you positive vibes and best wishes for your half marathon.

    1. Yes Please!! I am eager to check your answers..
      Thanks for being here, pulling me out of my sabbatical and kicking me when I needed it the most!