Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I can handle things well except for missed workouts and Vodka. Thankfully it didn't happen together otherwise I would have been a mess. Nothing haunts me more than a missed workout. I don't think I take rest days well. I NEEEEED to workout every day. My body needs to FEEEEEL it every single day. Well, I know that this plan is designed to fail and that's what happens usually.  Last week after four intense days I ended up taking three days of break and it made me feel miserable. I didn't workout just because... and missing my workouts made me even more miserable. It's a vicious cycle. I think sometimes you just don't have it in you and somebody needs to sort you out badly. Thankfully Det-Res did it for me and I ran 10kms last night to end my rest period.


My cousin sister is getting married to her long time boyfriend. They belong to different religions and can't have a traditional ceremony on any side without getting the other person converted. This whole talk around religion confuses me. I don't see any logic in conversion and more so during marriages. Why can't two people from different religions enter in a marriage?
I was checking with a friend who is also in a similar situation and is disgusted with these religious rules around marriages. He was prompt in replying "I might be a bad Hindu but I don't think I would ever convert to any other religion. In the end it is my conditioning and that's how I was raised and conversion means giving away a part of oneself". I thought about it and what he said made so much sense. There are those little things that we incorporate, we learn unintentionally and it could be a deal-breaker for some. I am not sure how I would have behaved because I still haven't figured so many things. I am a Hindu for all practical purposes but not an actively practicing one. I am not sure of its relevance in my everyday life. I believe in God and he/she/it can be anything for me. I don't visualize an image when I think of the one above. It/He/She appears like a cloud in my mind. Hopefully I will figure out these things. Someday. 

In other news I am on Facebook now. One fine day over a quick office lunch someone sold Facebook to me. We ended our lunch with a very fine deal. To cut a long story short he was to join Whatsapp and I had to activate my profile on FB.  My old ID is not active anymore so I created a new profile. 
I am still not a fan of Facebook and I still like Instagram over Facebook. I am still learning and it really feels like an arranged marriage. My sister has taken over my Facebook and I am taking baby steps. Everyday. 

So I met AS finally. I haven't yet taken his permission to share his blog address so I will call him AS till then. It was really fun talking about random things, cross cultural sensitivity and history. AS, I and the sister sat down one fine evening to talk, eat and drink. It was good fun. 
We talked about photographers and the ones lacking perspective. It really got me thinking about photography. It is such an under appreciated medium in my opinion. Everybody has a smart phone these days and with million retakes the value for the art is degrading slowly. Million retakes and bazillion filters or "human engineering" is changing, life as we know it. The candid moments are rare and so are those careful shots. A photographers shortcomings can be easily complimented with technology. I am not a good photographer but I am in love with the art and I guess that's enough to make me feel for this cause. 



  1. Full Permission Granted! :D Yes, it was a lovely evening!

  2. You're my hero. I also feel guilty when I miss workouts (and that happens more often than not), but it never helps me become better at following a routine. :(

    Welcome to FB, btw. :)