Sunday, November 29, 2015

Because Races End. Running Doesn't..

"Forget the miles, chase the glory"
I read these words today morning while doing my usual pre-race warm up. I thought it was yet another motivational quote. I didn't know at that time that those words would guide the next 2 hours of my life.
After last years HM I was way too determined to better my performance this year. The year started well. Somewhere along the way things happened or rather life happened and I was in a soup and I took solace in running. It was my escape. It was my therapy. It was my peace and it was my love.

My records improved and so did my strength. There is a different kind of high in beating the odds.
They say that almost 90% runners start with the intention of losing weight. The smart ones realize soon enough that running is not meant for weight loss beyond a certain point and move on to better things . Some of us stick to running like silly puppies. We give it all. We measure every kilometer. We rejoice every great run and sulk when we don't meet our own expectations. A little twitch or a slight niggle is enough to give us sleepless nights. 

Running is tightly coupled to my life. Every small thing reflects in my day to day training. One setback can make or break my training. Yes, I am that emotional. Last few weeks I came across things which really broke my heart. It messed me up, completely. I had lost all my motivation to run. I was in a "funk" as det-res mentioned it like bazillion times.

I was contemplating skipping today's big race. My only reason was that I didn't want to do it halfheartedly. Last week I went for a long run and it changed my mind(Runners high helps, surely) and from there on it was easy. I decided to run. Things weren't smooth though. My calf started acting weirdly. I had to tape both my legs throughout the week. I attended weddings with taped legs and Saree. #NoRegrets. Last night I bitched about being a girl like crazy. Sometimes you just need to man up, pull up your socks and run. 

It was a beautiful morning. My sister dropped me off to the starting point and in the car I discussed my plans with her. I told her how I was planning to take time off from running after ADHM. I just wanted to enjoy this run. When I was at my 12th KM I ridiculed myself and scrapped my running sabbatical decision. I was all set to clock 1:56 at this point as I was clocking 9:09/mile on an average. I took my first water break at 13 kms to take my medicine and then just marched on. As luck (or rather lack thereof) would have it I ended up twisting my ankle at the 15 km mark. I could have started walking at that point but as Murakami said "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional" I had no other option but to bash on, regardless ( More taping needed). I decided to sprint the last 3 kilometers but it was overcrowded and also my ankle was troubling me a lot. It slowed me down and I managed to finish the run in 2:04 and quite happy with the outcome. I showed my ankle to the specialist at the venue after my run. He has asked me to get it checked out just in case. 

Every time I finish a run I know that I am stronger than before. It changes me a little every time. It has been 4 years of serious running. The transition from a jogger to a runner has been seamless. It has been one hell of a ride so far. My legs still aren’t as toned as I’d like them to be (I would like to carry off skinny jeans with elan) but then they have carried me over distances and places I never thought were possible. Somewhere along the way I just started acknowledging myself as a runner. 

The miles lose meaning after a while. The goals and targets become more important with time. There are many reasons to run again and again and one of them is to own your mind and to make it work for you. I will keep repeating myself here. Again and Again. You can't blame me, I love running and I have never been so passionate about anything like this.

N.B: I came out with my personal best again this year. ADHM is turning out to be my lucky charm

Edited to Add: The official time is 2:09. It kind of killed me. I was expecting it 2:05 at max. New Year, New Goals. I am sure I will get there. Soon baby.


  1. Ouch for the Ankle shilpi, Hope you are feeling better now.

    Congratulations for the personal best, That's sounds awesome.

  2. I've been reading your blog since your last half marathon.. Woo hoo!! I honestly think it is time for a full is 2;09 still your personal best? Yes next year more goals better times. Love your passion for running! Hope to read more about it.

  3. @Sonal: yes, it is much better. Luckily nothing serious just a pulled muscle. I am already better :)

    @Det-res: Well I have this thing now to finish my HM in 1:56 and unless and until I do that I will not rest.
    Lots of new goals and a lot more excited also to achieve them :)