Sunday, October 25, 2015

About Bloggers and Blogging

I first discovered blogging back in 2002. Back then blogging was associated with the crazy ones, the misfits, the ones with a secret side, the ones who needed a medium to share their thoughts etc etc. It was also about sharing knowledge. I still remember one of my closest friends started blogging in 2002 about music. He was very passionate about music. We would spend hours and hours talking about music and everything around it. One day he told me about blogger and shared his blog's link with me.
I was so fascinated with the idea that I immediately created my blog as well. My first blog was all about poetry. I was heavily in to it back then. I used to love writing poems based on situations and events. I had a good blogging circle. It was like living an anonymous secret life. People were known by their pseudo names. Nobody cared about the real names or what they were like in person. It was an exciting time and everybody was on it trying to find themselves in whatever way they could.

3 years later I deleted my blog. All 72 posts gone with a single click. It was an impulsive decision and of course not a well thought out one. Most of my contemporaries stayed on and kept writing.
There was something very romantic about that time. There was a yahoo group for poetry which I had joined. We all blogged about our burning issues, opinions and thoughts. We were all from different walks of life, age groups, religions etc struggling to find the ground.

With time most of them moved on from blogging. I am sure some of them are still writing under a different pseudo name. I hope they are living the dream.

I started writing again in 2007. I am following a lot of blogs. It is interesting to see how they have evolved over a period of time.
Some of them have stayed true to their beliefs while others have started using blogging as a medium to earn money. I have nothing against that. Its just that I don't like it when they call other professions boring, lifeless, soul-less and other things and how they have chosen a different path. I just don't see any point because blogging is their profession now. They have gone mainstream and started using blogging as a way to earn money. Isn't that a job now? The thing that disappoints me the most is the quality of their posts. There is a steep decline and it does not feel real anymore. It feels all made up.
To make it worse these bloggers move around in groups. For every bad posts there are at least a minimum of 18 comments with aww's, cool, hi-fi's etc. How weird is that?

I don't like reading gmat book type blogs. I mean writing should be simple and heartfelt. Decorating it with unnecessary words does not make it beautiful. I prefer thoughts over words. Reading some blogs is like drinking cappuccino with extra froth-with hazelnut flavor-loaded with whipped cream-sprinkled with cinnamon, the very thought of drinking that is making me feel sick. I like minimalism when it comes to writing. I don't have an appetite for such coffees writing.

The fellow bloggers I have been following are pretty damn cool. They write simple things and I actually look forward to their posts. I might not agree with them but we celebrate the differences. How cool is that? These guys are freaking awesome, I tell you. I have deleted/ un-followed the blogs which were getting me worked up. It is best that way, methinks.

I am not going in to why-I-write mode (Read Here)
I am not anonymous anymore. I know most of my readers and most of them know me.. (15 readers only - Not a big readership). I don't do this with the intent of earning money someday.

I write just because..


  1. :) welcome to the world of blogging :)

    you will find every kind of person here and those who say one thing, do the other and then WRITE completly different are in abundance in this blogging world :)


  2. @Bikram - Trying to figure out since 2002..

  3. love this post! my own personal story is sort of the opposite. I first became a paid, professional writer before I ever started blogging. In my profession, most clients and contemporaries ask to see my personal blog before I land a job and when I used to say I don't have one they would often look at me as if I was crazy. The truth was, after writing all day as a part of my job, I didn't have anything in me left to write about. For the longest time I didn't blog. In 2009 I started a blog when I realized it would hurt me professionally to not have one. I stopped writing that blog within a few months because I knew the writing didn't exactly reflect who I was as a person. It was more for maintaining a professional front. When I started this blog I was off the writing circuit for a few months and that's when I really had the urge to write, not for anyone else, not for making money but for myself. I wrote about things closest to my heart, I expressed feelings I could never speak about. It brought me closer to my family, my friends saw a side of me they never knew and in the process I made some lovely new friends, like you! When it is genuine and comes from the heart, it makes a huge difference! Keep writing :)

    1. Yeah, you are absolutely correct about your space not reflecting your personality when done with an intent..
      It is interesting that your family saw this side. I have experienced it too. I guess as writers sometimes we are more expressive.. and present a different POV which gets lost in day to day interactions..

  4. Very well written . I dont write, But reading blogs has become a kind of morning ritual for me. I just confirm every morning the 2 3 blogs i read , if they have written anything, read it and then go ahead with my work. :)

  5. I totally agree with you about bloggers who look down upon other jobs as soulless. I find those insufferable. And have even stopped following a few that became too holier than thou and preachy. Having said that, like you said, I do look forward to the posts of bloggers I genuinely appreciate. I do follow a couple of business-like blogs as well, but these are mostly the ones that were very explicit about the intent of their blogs. Some of these blogs are so popular now, that they are ACTUALLY a proper business.

    I used to have a blogspot blog too, which I randomly deleted on a whim. Now that I look back, although it was a very naive and mediocre blog (just like my current one, haha!), it had a fairly interesting post about paan. I had this epiphany once while chewing on a minty paan back home. :D

  6. I have no problem with people blogging whatever they want to, because that is the point. But how silly to be labeling other people's professions as soulless without knowing the first thing about it. I just wish people would not become so holier than thou about things. Even if a profession is soulless, they need to then examine their own privileges which allow them to NOT do something that is soulless in their heads instead of looking down on people. I wonder what they would do if they had the responsibility of running a family and bringing home the bread because sadly enough I encounter this attitude most in women who have opted out of the regular professional mainstream simply because they have been privileged enough to do so. Not everybody has the luxury to be able to take life easy and spend time reflecting on what they want to be doing while their day to day needs are being taken care of. Now what if we go around labeling THAT kind of dependency soulless? Some do the kind of work because they HAVE to, not because they WANT to because of life's compulsions. Moreover what seems soulless for one, may well be what gets someone else's pulse racing because that is their life's calling. Ugh.

  7. @Sonal: Ditto! I do that too.. With coffee in one hand. I love to start my workdays like that.. It is a good feeling!
    @Made To Misfit and @Preeti: I have nothing against professional bloggers. I have nothing against people making money.. If they have a good following then why not use it.. I absolutely detest the way they treat everybody else (Normal salaried class) because they are doing what they have to.. I totally agree with what both of you have to say.
    Btw, If given a choice I would love to resume my old blog. It was all about poetry based on novels, news, observations etc etc.. I wish I could go back in time and undo that click..

    1. I think Blogpost used to email posts once you uploaded them. I migrated my blog from blogpost to Wordpress and I also have emails of all my posts. I don't think Wordpress has that feature. If it has, I don't know where to find it. Just realized that I don't have a back up of any of my Wordpress blogposts.

  8. @Preeti: It's super easy to backup in wordpress. I know because I imported my entire content to a different blog. Remember the name fiasco?

    Anyway, here's what you do:

    1. On your Dashboard page, go to Tools.
    2. Click Export
    3. On the next page, click Start Export.

    You will get an xml file of your entire blog content (comments included), which you can import into a new blog if you ever decide to switch to a new one.

    Does that help?

    1. Thanks so much, R. So this has to be done periodically to back up posts? The thing with blogger was that it would automatically email posts to you once you published them and I miss that with wordpress. But, at least there is something that you can do to back up. I will take care to do this henceforth.

  9. @MTM: This is awesome piece of information. I am quite keen on exporting my blog to wordpress but because I have a domain name with Blogger it doesn't allow me to. Any idea?