Sunday, September 6, 2015

Life, Lately..

I am in the middle of a crazy-hectic work schedule. No, not the kinds that make you work 14 hours a day. I am working 10-11 hours a day and every minute is spent thinking about work. I have welcomed this change with open arms. I needed this. It has helped me to stay away from contemplation and introspection that generally lead to complication. Something I am really good at. I keep contemplating and introspecting about things which are beyond my control.

Apart from work all seems to be going okay at the moment. There is no rush. I am following "live-in-the-moment" theory these days. There's a lot in the pipeline and I can't wait to see how life turns out in the next few months.

If you are wondering where this post is headed then let me warn you that I have no agenda. I am just here to talk. I am in the office. Yes, I am working this weekend. And some more after this.  I have coffee in my hand and "Wish you were here" is playing in the background. The song couldn't have been more appropriate for reasons that I can't articulate well in a few sentences. Word play is not my thing. Really.

Yesterday was my day off and ended up in one of the glitzy malls(Mainly to collect my BIB - will come to that later). A really long lost friend was in town (Lets call him PS) and we met for Lunch followed by coffee. The thing with PS is that we last met in 2005 and our sporadic friendship has survived distances, countries, states basically everything. Let's not digress.
It was such a lovely afternoon. It was so nice to meet as grown-up's. Both of us have traveled well, enjoyed life and are passionate about so many things. It felt so good to reconnect. Some friendships or rather people are like that. They make you feel comfortable regardless of lost time.  That connection just survives every thing. We have plans to meet again and hope that life does not throw any curve balls. We have had our share of them for now. 

The highlight of this weekend so far has been my Pinkathon run. The fact that I ran for a cause - Breast Cancer Awareness. Last year I couldn't run Pinkathon because I was not in Delhi but this year nothing could stop me. Running for self is therapeutic but running for a cause is a great feeling. Doing something good. Your bit. Your contribution. Your cause. It just gives you a perspective. I have encountered the C word way more than I can actually remember. I have been on the edge and the feeling is not great. I feel strongly for this cause and always will.
Well I think that's not the only reason why I ran today. I have been a huge fan of Milind Soman. My admiration for him has doubled because of his passion for fitness. I encouraged my sister to run as well. Most of you know that she was a national level sprinter back in days of yore. She gave up running altogether because of her knee issues. I wanted her to start again. To start somewhere and that she did. She ran 3k but I think the whole environment made her very competitive. She didn't walk. She ran the distance. I am so proud of her.

So folks, this is what I have been up to lately.


  1. How wonderful what your sister did! I've never been athletic but since I've recently started becoming more active I've realized that it does change your life in so many ways. A little motivation makes a huge difference. I'm hoping I stick to it this time and that your sister does too!

    1. @Priyanka: Trust me I was so proud. Getting back up after your hardest fall is something that I really appreciate in people.
      Please stick to it. Once it gets ingrained in your system you will realize the difference :)

  2. Ok, third time trying to get my comment in. I have been trying to just congratulate you!

    1. @Det-Res :). finally got this comment. Thank you so much.
      I read my blog-post-link on your other blog and was so happy!!!!

  3. first of well done on doing the run , we need more and more people to be aware of this disease.. and also health is very important and running helps in maintaining it ..

    congrats to your sis toooo ...