Monday, August 31, 2015

To Celebrate Or Not..?

Today was dedicated to love between brothers and sisters. With times the celebrations may have become contemporary but the spirit remains the same.
My Instagram feed was full of colorful Rakhi posts. Not the ones where you show off your colorful Rakhis. I think most of us have evolved from those days of Social Media.  I saw a lot of family pics, happy faces and food.

While most of them were busy with social gatherings and in general having a good time there was another section who was busy ranting on social media. They couldn't stop showing their disdain for the festival. Some called it regressive, some found it irrelevant, some even called it anti-feminist.
I wonder when did it become wrong in being someone's behen? I don't have a brother and even if I had one I am pretty sure it wouldn't have resulted in any sort of identity crisis. Someone also ranted about filling government forms as someone's wife/ daughter etc. I am someone's daughter and every time I am referred that way I feel good about it. It reminds me of my roots and makes me feel connected.

Aren't festivals about connecting us? When did it become fashionable to bash anything and everything under the sun. I think with time as we have evolved, it's only fair to expect the meaning of festivals to change. For ex: Rakhshabandhan is about showing camaraderie between the siblings and not protection (which might not be relevant for many). Diwali is about family reunions and celebrating a good time with the closed ones.

I didn't like this abuse on social media. I understand the need to be heard, to be taken seriously, to get public's attention. I really do. I am on social media and I can't claim to be untouched by all this. The particular section branded everything as "regressive" quite comfortably. I think they forgot the simple fact that they are educated and are capable of bringing the change in the way they celebrate. Instead of branding everything irrelevant they could have simply incorporated what felt right to them (or suited their sensibilities). We need to form our own rituals and traditions. We are "the" generation which needs to change-adapt-implement in order to reform the regressive-ness around. There is never a new chapter without the previous one. The "change" that we keep talking about comes with the amalgamation of existing and new.  We need to understand that.
Every religion, every society, every country has a time marked for celebrations which in my opinion is well thought out. We need these days to feel bonded, loved and happy. To let our hair down and to just chill out.

I think our well educated, forward thinking social-mediatards just need to take a step back and should moderate their thoughts every once in a while. Not everything is about them. There was a sizable population celebrating the festival while they were whiling away their time ranting on Social Media.

I am not religious but give me festivals any day to spread cheer, love and happiness with each other.


  1. I think it comes from an identify crises. People don't really know what is cool anymore. hence all these pseudo issues.

    1. Oh yes, absolutely or maybe just the compulsive need of saying something without any reason.

  2. it is sad but the fact is that inspite of all progress and inspite of more people being educated .. etc etc WE are going backwards and doing far worse things then our ancestors did ..

    it is ridiculous sometimes ..


    1. Bikram - Thanks for stopping by :). Yes, this regressive behavior is kind of scary.
      Then sometimes I feel that something good ought to come out of it. I guess we will have to wait and watch!