Wednesday, August 26, 2015

'I Won't Back Down

I started writing this post last night and fell asleep. Who said staycations were not hectic? It was a fun day yesterday and again something unexpected. I woke up with this urge to go out for a killer workout. That's exactly what I did. I think I killed myself a little with my mini-bootcamp workout (I like the sound of it). I came back home and fixed a leisurely breakfast (A 3- step process in my case).
A kid from my neighborhood had been asking me for baking classes and I had put him on stand-by for Tuesday (Yes, I am in-decisive like that). I was feeling really good after my workout and breakfast so I ended up calling him. It turned out he had missed his college for this baking class #GuiltyMoment. Anyway, I fixed it for early afternoon. I read my new book for a bit and then decided to keep everything ready for the class.
While I was busy arranging the ingredients- The orange chocolate fell off from the counter and I immediately took it as a sign. I ended up baking nice and healthy-ish (Butterless, sugarless etc) chocolate and Orange muffins. I love this combination. The two ingredients blend so well together and balance out each other in every way. The kid came and I taught him the baking basics. We ended up baking egg-less chocolate cake since there is some religious period going on which forbids its followers from consuming anything non vegetarian. My mother tried to trick us in to this last Sunday but being the bad daughters that we are, the yummiest chicken biryani in the city was consumed with joy while our parents looked at us helplessly. 

I think the baking class was just not for him but for me also. I always had this fear of teaching. It could be because I was taught by the best. Anyway, I have an iota of teaching gene in my body. The cake turned out really well. Told ya, I am good at baking (Whatsapp Feedback!)
I felt so good after doing this. He has asked for another class and wants me to teach him something else. I am already thinking about it.

I had decided to take my cousin out for coffee in the evening but my cousin decided to surprise me by coming home from work early.
We sat down across the table and talked. We haven't talked this way in a while. There was just so much to discuss. She had her issues and I had mine. It felt so good talking about trivial things.

I also painted this   . It is my version of Madhubani painting. These doodling sketching is turning out be really therapeutic.
I have a big canvas painting idea in mind and hopefully will be able to execute it soon. Amen to that!

Feeling pretty happy about this break..


  1. Wow , baking classes.:P Thats awesome fun.

  2. wow, baking, painting, running.. You are beginning to give me a complex!

  3. @Sonal - Missed this comment.. It was actually good fun. Got a few burn marks but it was more like a lesson for the students..

    @Det-res: I try :).. The only way and the best way to truly enjoy my own company. I am my best friend and this helps.. So when I am 50 and the kids are in college I am not emotionally dependent :)