Wednesday, June 10, 2015

...Have Love, Will Travel..

Over the weekend I watched "Dil Dhadakne Do". I like movies which revolve around travel or if it is an integral part of the movie. For me it becomes a travelogue of sorts. I am immediately drawn towards these kind of movies. It could be mainly because I am passionate about traveling and like to see fellow travelers (Director in this case) view of things. 
My favorite movie with travel in the background is Before Sunrise. I loved watching it and before you dismiss it as another romantic movie please read my post.
A young American and a French woman meet on a train in Europe, and wind up spending one evening together in Vienna. Unfortunately, both know that this will probably be their only night together. The movie is brilliant with Vienna in the background (What else can you expect?). The setting is lovely. The best part about the movie are the dialogues. They feel like late night conversations between friends, which is actually the case. Vienna is more than just the backdrop.

Before I digress any further (as if there is any scope left) I want to talk more about this movie - Dil Dhadakne Do.. The movie takes us through the day-to-day issues of the Mehra family as they embark on a cruise along with their friends. Seeing the family gearing up to sell off their private jet, we might miss the reality-connection. What really stayed with me was the fact that it portrayed the  core relationships of anyone's life. It portrays how every relationship is like wall plaster- if left unattended it develops hairline cracks.  There is no patch work then.
It talks about hypocrisy in relationships and how superficial we become from time to time.
It talks about a flawed family and their dynamics. 

Coming back to my point, there is something beautiful about stories which have travel as a theme. I read this book a long time ago and kept dreaming about those places for a good while.  All these thoughts gave me a brilliant idea today. How about documenting my travel stories? I will document my travels and the stories around it or maybe short stories with places as the theme (To whichever place I visit). Yes, they will be personal and it is going to be super tough but maybe worthwhile?



  1. I love movies with a travel background too. Ignites the wanderlust in you. Your post reminded me of another movie, “Vicky Christina Barcelona”. Oh how I love the movie. Have watched it a dozen times. But the love could also come from the partiality I have for Woody Allen movies.

    I had been wanting to write a travel journal, and document every bit of the new experience, since such a long time. I especially wanted to document my trip to Andalusia because that was the first time I traveled solo just for the sake of traveling. But this time, I did manage to write a very detailed blog on my recent trip to Bhutan. I had taken copious notes each day.

    Here goes:

  2. In some parallel universe I think we are twins. I read some of your old posts and I could see myself behaving and reacting the same way.

    I loved Vicky Christina Barcelona because I like all Woody Allen movies..
    I checked out your blog and it is very well written.. I will go through it again..

    Let's start writing about travel? This topic is very very very close to my heart :)

    1. Yes yes! Let's! I love travel, planning it, talking about it, reading about it, and now writing too!

      Hehe! May be we are twins then! I LOVE Woody Allen movies too, but I'm always caught in between liking his movies, but hating him as person.

      Thanks for checking my blog. :)

      Btw, the new color scheme on your blog is awesome! So simple, and yet so attractive. Looks like you made quite a few changes to your blog?

    2. I just noticed that we have an almost same category/tag on our blogs. Yours is "I ME MYSELF" and mine is "Me,myself & I" :D :D

    3. @MadetoMisfit: Well at least there is someone who understands the significance of personal space .. I.. Me.. Myself.. :)

      Frankly all my favorite celebrities have exhibited different personalities.. which are diametrically opposite. I guess being a celebrity comes with a price.. and that involves losing yourself..

  3. I love such movies too. I like your posts for similar reasons. You talk about different countries and places and moods and locations and experiences. Helps me get removed from my own situation.

    Yes write more about travels. I will read more diligently. :)

    1. @medocuk: I feel flattered when my favorite doc and blogger says things like that..
      I will write more about travels and that's a promise :)

  4. I can't bring myself to write about leisure travels until some time has passed. It is very different when I am traveling on fieldwork. Then I update my blog very frequently. Even then it is rarely about places, but about experiences and events in those places. Don't know if that makes sense to a reader. I don't think I could ever do travel writing like you and R above though I have solo traveled a lot and to some very remote and adventurous areas.

    1. @GM: I just feel more connected if I pen down my thoughts. There are things which I feel but not quite understand and guess that's my reason to articulate my thoughts..
      I traveled solo too quite a bit and for me it is all about enjoying a meal there, drinking an odd beer sit relax and write :)

      I don't think I have ever traveled to tick off those places from the book. It has been mainly about the experiences and meeting people..