Thursday, June 18, 2015

Coffee Conversations..

Enough has been said about Coffee on this blog. I think it is just one of those days and this is going to be one of those posts. So refill your coffee, sit back and smile if you are a coffee person like me or exit while you can.

It's a busy workday where I have an email popping up every two minutes. There are deadlines marked in different colors. I have to write stories and scenarios (agile speak) for an upcoming release and I am just staring in to my screen for my cue. Every few minutes someone walks up to me with their queries, questions, assumptions..  There is chaos everywhere. I love the feeling of a chaotic environment. It makes everything look so vibrant. But there are times when it gets to you. It gets a little too much. In between this chaos I sip my coffee and take a deep breath. It suddenly makes everything better. I am ready to take on the world again.
The work has been good. Challenging and interesting. I can't complain. I feel I have matured a lot as an IT professional in a span of months than I did in the last 9 years. Most days I get by with my standard 2 cups of brewed coffee. Brewed to perfection. There's something about the smell of freshly made coffee. The warmth of coffee in an overly air-conditioned environment  is a blessing.  It is amazing how even the most difficult situations look bright with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
It is 6:00 am and the house help is busy with her chores. The usual stuff. In another hour I would be busy getting my miles logged, I think out aloud. I put my coffee in the coffeemaker as I go about doing my business. Infinity. That's the word to explain what I think when the first cup of coffee is getting brewed. I drink the first sip and I am finally awake. It feels as if someone has hit the start button. I analyze my running log and plan for the run ahead. Whatever doubts or second thoughts that I had about running on waking up disappear after that first sip.
I am getting fitter, leaner, healthier and better. It feels incredibly good. Except for my horrible feet, black and chipped toenails, blisters, sunburns all is good in my world. I started with my project #RunStreak on a whim. I was just too selfish and wanted to have my fill of runs in a short span of time. I had sensed an inevitable break on the horizon and just wanted to make it worthwhile. So I started running and I am proud to say that I am better now. That first cup of coffee is magical. It works like an elixir and gives me just the right high to get up, get ready and log those miles. Day after day.

Its a Saturday morning and the weekend has just begun. I am done with my running and now doing what I do the best: make lists. This is when I work on my cake recipe in my head, read the news, conversations. There is something beautiful about conversations and more so if they are with your best friend. The music is playing in the background and everything just fits together. The way it is meant to be.

I tend to get philosophical with my conversations. Most times. I bet it's the caffeine that takes over. Who says you need alcohol for that? There is very little that you need to have a good weekend. A good conversation, a good meal and a good nap.  I love my weekends of lazing about the house. Relaxing and doing my favorite things. Also, I have started experiencing awkwardness in social situations. I guess I would need another post to explain that. In short I am becoming a recluse with every passing day. I might come across as a total brash, outspoken and extrovert in my professional life but personally I am becoming an introvert. Quite a contradiction, I know.

Coffee plays a big role in my life and I have understood that with time. My thoughts, feelings and views are best expressed with a cup of freshly brewed coffee..
So next time when I ask you to join me for a cup of coffee then you must be special. Because I have stopped sharing my coffee time with just anyone. Life is too short to have bad coffee..

And as always I like my coffee black and strong.


  1. I'm so glad the first post I read on your blog was about coffee because I'm as obsessed about good coffee as you are. I collect coffee from independent coffee stores when I travel or from the local cafes that are really termed by others as coffee snobs. I watched dozens of videos to understand the science behind making that perfect cup of cappuccino. Seeing as how I now only have one cup of coffee a day, a lot of people might think that's too much trouble. I don't see it that way. I keep an espresso machine at my home in India even though I only get to go visit once in two years or so. That's just the way I am and when I think about it, that's the overall attitude I also have about the food I eat. What is it about recluses and coffee? All the recluses I've met over the years have this same thing with coffee.

    1. I actually smiled after reading your comment.. I am a coffee collector (is that even correct?) as well. When I was in Germany I made it a point to go and try coffee from different bakeries.. as a matter of fact whenever I travel I make it a point to observe, assimilate and enjoy the coffee culture of that place. It tells me a lot about that place. My colleagues call me a snobbish, phoren returned because I like my coffee a certain way. I understand your point about perfecting your cappuccino. Coffee is a part of my life and even if it is a matter of one cup I want that to be perfect..
      I carry my french press everywhere (wherever I travel). There's one at my office desk also because I like my coffee brewed in a certain way.

      I wish I could tell you about the connection between coffee and recluses? Wasn't it the other way? I thought drinking coffee meant socializing. Clearly not.

      I think you will really enjoy this essay by RK Narayan:

      Let me know how you like this?

    2. I don't know how I missed your reply for so many days. I absolutely loved the essay, thank you so much for recommending it! It comes as no surprise then that the best coffee I've ever had in my life has been in Kerala. I would have that any day over my cup of cappuccino :)

    3. Hahaha I knew it :)
      My best coffee was in Hyderabad in a small shack called "Swati Tiffins"

  2. As much as I like coffee, I'm increasingly turning into a tea person. I like the entire paraphernalia associated with coffee: coffee beans, grinder, french press, filter...everything really. But somehow tea seems to suit me better. It's all to do with the fact that I have high acidity though. But at work I will only have coffee. It's not the best, the machine coffee...but it's better than teabag tea.

    But I like coffee culture better than tea culture. Know idea why. Could just be my prejudice and snobbery. :D If you love coffee so much you HAVE to stay on a coffee estate in chikmagalur or Coorg even.

    Your posts make me want to start running. I am going to start, at least on weekends may be,
    Here's a little something for you if haven't read it already:

  3. Of course you have seen the site I mentioned in my previous comment! My bad. Just saw that your image is from the site. :)

  4. @MadetoMisfit: I am from a Tea drinking family and I have tried so hard to be a chai drinker but it is just not my cup of tea.. hahahha( I keep laughing at my stupid jokes)

    paraphernalia: That's the word. I collected 13 Starbucks flasks from different countries (where they have the country name on the flask).. Yes before you declare me insane I had 18 Hard rock cafe tshirts with the city/ country name on it from all over the world... ( Wherever I traveled. A couple of them were gifted)..
    I didn't buy those to show off. As a matter of fact I don't even wear them. They are still lying in my extra-clothes-will-wear-them-some-day trunk..

    Yes, acidity is a problem that has been associated with coffee. As a rule, I drink a 500 ml of water for every coffee cup.. and in general I don't drink Instant, milky, sugary coffee and that helps in cutting down the acidity.

    Start running please. I encourage everyone to run just because it is so simple and enjoyable after a while..
    Keep me updated about your running plans..

  5. 18 shirts?!!! That's huge. And man you must have traveled quite a bit. an ex-boss used to collect HRC shirts. He also happened to be a coffee connoisseur and so puritanical when it came to coffee that he used to grind his beans everyday. We used to discuss coffee quite a bit. I agree about instant and sugary coffee. I also realized that the acidity was coming from chicory more than from coffee. I had no problems with the coffee he brewed because it was all beans and no chicory.

    I used to run very regularly at one point. Not much, just 3-4 kms a day, but it was regular nonetheless. I used to feel so refrehsed and light afterwards. I especially got a high when I would run with vengeance every time I put on extra kilos after a prolonged lack of any activity whatsoever. I'd feel my jiggly bits jerking into action. And when I ran after a long hiatus I would feel a tingling in my body (most fatty parts), and then it would keep reducing with each additonal running day. Ah the joy! I don't feel motivated here in Bangalore. No good parks around me. :( I love running on roads, but that's not an option here either. :(

  6. I'm not a coffee/Tea person. There , I said it :P .

    People cant believe though and everybody in India come from a Chai/coffee drinking family . . In the morning , like how people gets cranky without their tea/coffee , I get cranky without my green tea .

    I can actually have green tea anytime of the day. Does that mean I'm a green tea person :P ( Ha ha ha, I also laugh on my own jokes :P)

    Whenever I go out , I never take tea because I like my tea in certain way ( perfect amount of ginger, Perfect amount of sugar , perfect amount to boil :P) and I never get that kind of tea until I make it myself. So I have coffee whenever I go out as its kind of safe.

    After being in a fair share of countries I never get how they can drink a whole big glass of black coffee. But the whole idea of brewing your own coffee, The smell of coffee in your house in the morning is all sofancy. I might just buy a French presser just because it sounds fancy :P

  7. See there you are.. A total green tea snob :)..
    I am pretty sure you must be having your own "green tea brewing" time regardless of what that pack says.. :)

    I read an article long time back and one line has stayed with me.. " Perfection only exists in our head" so yeah the satisfaction of making your tea gives you that sense of perfection which is difficult to find anywhere..

    I really tried to get addicted to Green tea but gave up... :)