Saturday, June 6, 2015

Anthem Challenge#10

I didn't think that #10 would come so soon. I love music and yet I have struggled with this series. I thought it would be an easy challenge. Frankly, the first 4 came very easy and then the struggle started. It wasn't because I didn't have anthem-like songs in my life. I probably know more songs than most people my age. Now that I have made it till here I am planning to continue with this series.

This song is very close to me. This movie came out in 2006 and was adapted from a Korean movie.
It was my year of changes. I was dealing with transitions in life. Love life, friends, dealing with loss, Job. I had two job offers and both were outside Delhi and it meant moving out of my comfort zone. I realized that things would change. All my friends were ready to move on to the next level..
I was just finding it difficult. I think it happens to everyone. You want to move on and yet you want your surroundings to be exactly the same. I think we want that feeling of comfort when we get back to be able to see our old world simply as it was. We want to be the only missing jigsaw piece from the puzzle. It never happens and we all know that but acceptance does not come easily.
I thought this song was my life song back then. I listened to it day and night. 
I was at that age where rebel is the only thing that you think about and the pain is glorified. There is something really romantic about being alone in the whole world..

I haven't forgotten this song and it is still a part of my life. For some weird reason I thought of this song during this episode . I downloaded it after that and now I listen to it every now and then during my long runs. It is about fighting the odds, struggle, adversity and living your life.
During my half marathon  I was really tired after 13-14th km and that's when this song started playing and I powered through. Somehow.



  1. You mean you run after having recovered from a surgery?! Gosh. This is a nice song. Haven't watched this movie though. Have largely though Sanjay Gupta as something of an 'inspired' filmmaker if you know what I mean. Forever ripping off on foreign films. I think Aishwarya is making her 'comeback' with this director in Jazbaa.

  2. "There is something really romantic about being alone in the whole world." This resonated with me so much. Probably because I went through a h massive phase where I felt alone, and it was sort of on purpose, because frankly I was not alone. But the concept itself felt so romantic that I chose to feel that way and wallow in my first world problems. But it's good to have had a rebel-isolated kind of phase. It taught me a lot about what's really important to me.

  3. @GM: The song is just amazing :).. Loved it. I haven't watched too many Sanjay Gupta movies.. but I know what you mean. Frankly speaking, I think the Korean version of this movie is better..

    This song was by this Pakistani band - Strings..
    They have some lovely songs... but this one stands out..

    @MadeToMisfit: I think being alone takes you out of your comfort zone. You re-evaluate, redefine and reassess your situation, dreams, ambition and life..
    I am the kind of person who needs to be alone to do mindless thinking, stupid arty crafty stuff, paintings and need my space for that.. I guess I was at that age when I was discovering the virtues of "being alone" and this song came along..