Thursday, June 4, 2015

....About This and That

You would have probably noticed my absence here. I am again in the same state with my thoughts as I was last month. They are just too many to count. They come to me at odd times and leave me without notice. Yes, there are lots of things I want to talk about and most times I don't know how to put together my thoughts. I might be coming across as some complex, convoluted, messed up person but trust me in real life I am fairly simple. If I am ever stuck in something I follow my ritual of sleeping through it. It works. Always. So just think of my absence as my mechanism to hibernate.

I have had some interesting discussions/ experiences/ incidents last week. The listomaniac in me just thought of going bullety. Yes, I am like that.
  • I am opening myself to the world of good bloggers. I came across a few blogs by chance and fell in love with them. This all happened fairly recently. I have never been an aggressive reader, I mean I never bothered to post comments before. This time it is different. I am interacting with these bloggers. No, I haven't read them inside out as yet and probably I won't do that unless they explicitly share something. I started this blog back in 2007 with probably no sense of writing. When somebody mentions my posts from that bygone era I freak out.  I am not that person anymore and I think they probably have similar emotions.. I am loving this exchange of thoughts, ideas and sharing stories from our lives..
  • I wrote about hero worshiping last year and this time I was on the other end of the spectrum. When I was promoted I was asked to mentor a junior by senior management. I picked the one who reminded me of my junior years. It was all going very well and I got to know that she looked up to me until it all came crashing down. I had put myself on line for her. She had my back and my trust. She behaved unethically twice to get out of the situations. It just felt so stupid. I guess we all live and learn from our mistakes. Now, it is my time to decide if I still want to continue to mentor her. Decisions.  
  •  I know my blog template looks hideous at the moment and well I am in the process of fixing it. It has taken all my tech wizardry (Thanks GM for cool slang's) and yet I am not able to fix it. It makes me want to question my education, experience and knowledge. I know it should not be a big deal but somewhere I am affected. It makes me want to question the basics. You might think that I am being over-dramatic here but this is what it is .I have realized no matter how high you rise you need to stay footed to the ground. I have been working on this template and it is still work in progress. I hope something better comes out of this exercise. Please bear with me while I get this space sorted.
  • Last week one of the travel companies had put up their stall in the office cafeteria. There was a canvas booklet which had pictures from beautiful destinations around the world and we were supposed to guess the place on the page shown to us on randomly opening the book. They were offering vouchers to the employees for guessing correctly. Out of curiosity I ended up flipping through all the pages and was able to guess 10/15 pictures mainly because I had visited those places.. Yes, I was pretty kicked and yet at the same time there was a slight twinge in my heart for not knowing about those five places. There's a sudden craving for a holiday now. I have been thinking about those places and I am not able to take them off my mind.. 
  • Why do people get sensitive when you correct their language? Why does it hurt their ego? India is such a huge country where the language/ dialect changes after every 50 kms and everyone has a different story. I had a colleague who was from a very small town and studied in a regional school. We were in a project where customer interaction (with the Americans) was a part of our work life and he was required to interact with the customers quite frequently. He worked on his language. He read newspapers and English novels. He started watching more English movies, series. He stopped using his regional language at work with the other colleagues. He was always looking for feedback. I liked his spirit. Whenever we corrected his emails he was happy. Yesterday someone said "hidded" and when I corrected him (politely and when no one was around) he got too defensive. I told him that I was looking out for him and didn't want anyone to point out his mistake. It didn't go down too well with this person. I love it when someone corrects me, point out my mistakes. It is an opportunity to learn..

That's it folks. I am done here for now. Will be back soon hopefully with some travel stories..


  1. I like lists too. Make me feel very sorted in my head, which more often than not, I'm not.

    Same pinch about interacting more in the blogosphere. Even I started having regular dialogue with bloggers only recently, and I quite like it. It feels like a secret support group. And it serves the purpose too. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. It's very valuable to me.Same pinch about interacting more in the blogosphere. Even I started having regular dialogue with bloggers only recently, and I quite like it. It feels like a secret support group. And it serves the purpose too. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. It's very valuable to me.

    Too bad about your mentee (sorry for the made up word). It can be very troubling if all the sincere hard work you put in doesn't get reflected.

    I like your current blog theme. It's easier on the eye. I'm sure it'll look MUCH better once you're done with it.

    Yes, language discussions can open a can of worms. It get very tricky if the other person doesn't appreciate correct usage as much as you do. That's why I just stopped trying. I have a colleague who routinely forms starnge words: "He sanged, She tell me yesterday". And he says this while telling me how awesome his English is. How do you even respond to such delusion?

  2. R - Yes, I agree with you on Lists.. There is something comforting there.
    Yeah, I agree about the secret support thing. It feels awesome and the prospect of meeting them in person someday just gives me a lot of happiness..

    Mentee - Another one bites the dust.. We keep getting our heart broken

    How do you refrain? I don't blame the freshers/ junior but if a 10 year experienced guy is saying things like "You was".. how do you stay quiet? Did they learn nothing by just being in the industry, exchanging emails, attending conf calls, interacting, reading..
    I am no saint but I am open to feedback and improvement.. English is not my mother tongue after all.. Why do we feel inferior if someone points out mistakes?

  3. I am so sorry this blog change is causing stress. I really want to be able to get your posts in my reader though. I wonder if it is because I am trying to follow blogger from wordpress. Maybe there are issues in cross platform feeds. Glad I came to check your blog now.

    I very badly want to go on a holiday too, but I don't think it is going to be possible at all until October. I am planning to go to Pushkar though. Hopefully it will work out. Have you been there? Would you want to come?

    One does feel very foolish when you have put yourself on line for someone lets you down badly. I also have mentor apprehension. I hired an intern and she is going to be joining the coming week. I hope I prove to be a good mentor.

  4. @GM: Yeah, that seems to be an issue.. Looks like there's feedburner which you can use for subscribing. I thought of porting my space to Wordpress but I think that's not an option anymore..

    Yes, it was very difficult finding someone and then mentoring. Most times you have to remind yourself that people are different.. Way different..

  5. Can you follow blogspot blogs from wordpress? I don't see the follow option at all. :( Don't know how to get notifications of your new posts.

  6. @MadetoMisfit: No actually, I added your blogs to my blogger reading list manually.. so when I login to blogger I see all the blogs..

  7. This is such a revelation. I didn't know you could add blogs to the reader like this. I just added! Yayy!

  8. @MadeToMisfit: Yes for me as well.. I guess will have to do with that until Blogger and Wordpress get married..

  9. Hmm, I always wonder about mentorship. I think of it more like leadership. Some you will be able to help, some you wont.

    Not everyone likes to be corrected. No one wants to be told they are wrong. It hurts people's pride. Also I think it is a matter of how confident you are in yourself. People who are generally chilled and laid back and very secure in themselves wont mind. Those who aren't will react like this person did. I have a very good friend who writes/speaks/ expresses herself way more eloquently than I do. At every opportunity she had she would correct me. While well intentioned she started irritating me, since I didn't want a class every time I spoke to her and I started resenting her ways because I didn't think she was an authority on language. We are still very good friends, because we both learned that there is a place, time for everything.

    1. @Det-res: I agree with you and there will be disappointments but I think we just have to keep going.

      And yes I agree with your point that no one wants to be told about being wrong.. I don't know why we stop learning. Why are we so closed to feedback. We make mistakes and we learn..
      Yes, if somebody is constantly poking and nitpicking it would be irritating and I am not sure how I would have reacted in your situation.. but that's a good point. Never thought of it that way!