Saturday, April 18, 2015

....Hitting The Ball...

There is something about hitting the ball. You give yourself to every shot. The amount of power with which you hit the shot gives you so much satisfaction. The sound that it makes when it hits the wall can really tell you the quality of your shot. You craft shots inside your head over and over again.
The reaction time is too less and that's the beauty of this sport. There is no time to over analyze.
Yes, there is certainly something about hitting the ball..

I am sure most of you know my love for Squash. After the accident  I was paranoid about entering the court again. One of my Egyptian friends really helped me out with my technique, temperament and my game. Last week someone at work suggested that we play squash over the weekend. I was quite skeptical initially. Lately I have been so bogged down with life in general and I thought maybe I needed this. I kid you not it turned out to be one of my few good decisions.

I played 2 hours of uninterrupted squash and the best part was that the majority of those 2 hours were spent  Slicing the shots, practicing the backhand, placements, parallels, footwork. waiting, relaxing the grip, shortening the grip, backhand backswings, star drills, reverse angles, reflex volleys..
I have to be honest here I practiced alone but I had my thoughts for company. Every negative thought resulted in hitting the ball with even more power.

After 2-3 hours I was exhausted, spent, tired and I just wanted a good nap. I haven't had that feeling in a while so naturally I was happy. I met my sister after the practice and we ended up drinking coffee in a mall. I think that's exactly what I needed after my squash practice - a long pending sister session.
I was discussing today's events with my cousin and she pointed that I need to be outdoors more often with no prior agenda. Maybe she is right.

I am not sure if squash is here to stay. Maybe it was just a one time thing but it felt really good. It cleared up my mind for a bit. I trusted my game and the opponents who were respectful in every sense of the word. I didn't fear getting injured even for a minute. I once again realized how I am one of them who can hit the ball.



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