Wednesday, April 1, 2015

.. #Empowerment...

Everybody seems to be talking about it. My Twitter timeline is flooded with comments. Whole Instagram went crazy for a 2:34 video clip which is supposed to Empower women.
I gave in and watched it finally. Guess what? I don't feel empowered at all..
Yes - I wasted a little over 2 minutes over that piece of nonsense which feels like a joke coming from Vogue. It feels like another publicity stunt under the name of uplifting women because that seems to be the buzzword these days. Make hay while the sun shines.  So I guess that's pretty much why Vogue decided to cash in on #empowerment.

Coming to the video I think there are a lot of things gone wrong there. It is a super shallow attempt to put together a bunch of  size-6 women who claim that being size-15 is their choice. It is quite ironic coming from these women who I bet spend 1/3rd of their on maintaining their size-6. It is just hypocritical.  No this rant does not end here.

I am not sure who are they really trying to empower? The women who could not go to college? The women who do not have access to toilets? The women who are working as housemaids? The women who are abused on a daily basis? What do they all have in common? They don't have access to the so called empowering video.

The lines in the video (advert is better, don't you think so?) are so ridiculous that I stopped making sense out of them half way through. "I am a snowflake and not the snowfall" The writer thought it would be a good idea to throw some fancy words on a monochromatic video to make it look whimsical and dreamlike. I have a thing against these big words (or GMAT words as I like to call them) and people who use them. Just because they read a couple of GMAT books they think they have mastered the language. The thoughts are beautiful when expressed in simple words but let's not digress (Mental note: Another post)..

It talks about the choice to have a baby whenever and yes the partner has no role to play in that. Come home whenever but yes the partner does not have that choice. Yay to feminism!! I don't like this us vs them attitude. I believe in a world of equals. Nothing less and nothing more.

I am sad that it does not talk about women in leadership roles. It does not talk about women who gave up their career to raise their kids. It does not talk about women who have survived the acid attacks. It does not talk about women who live with the stigma of being a rape victim. It does not talk about women who come home after work and cook. It does not talk about women who don many hats day after day.  They have got the bigger picture completely wrong. Most women struggle daily with issues like education, independence and work-life balance.

 Lastly, Vogue has stereotyped the concept of feminism by just bashing the "other" gender.
I have a career, financial independence, education, experiences, hobbies and it wouldn't have been possible without the men in my life. I am equally privileged to have them in my life.
It is because of them that I feel that "I am the universe.."



  1. Brilliant!! How can a man not have a choice in whether or not you have children together? Surely if you are in a commited relationship there should have been some sort of conversation before making that step!