Thursday, April 9, 2015

.. About Life And Blogging..

I am enjoying this season. Just when I thought winters were over it surprised me. From blazing afternoon sun to milder afternoon, yes that was a surprising.
There is something about untimely rain. Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that it is not good for our crops but c'mon do you have any idea how beautiful Dilli looks when it rains? It is just rhythmic, lilting, beautiful and melancholic.The slight shiver reminds you of winters. All over again. Last weekend someone mentioned how winters have fallen in love with Dilli and is showing its reluctance to leave now and is on a look-out for reasons to stay. It couldn't have been expressed any better. Of course this was said in a very poetic -'Zabaan-e-Delhi' way..

Talking about my life in general, you must have noticed the changes on this space. Some subtle and others in-your-face kind of changes. I thought it was time for a facelift. I was ready for version2.0.
I wanted some 'bright' and 'light' layout. It was more to do with my state of mind also. I have been feeling a little bogged down due to things in general and wanted to change that. What could have been better than working on a project? So I decided to dress up (or rather dress down) this space a bit. The dark background had started haunting me. I also started a new food blog
I keep experimenting with food and cuisines a lot. I enjoy trying out different flavors and creating dishes with distinct flavors. I just love the creativity that cooking holds. I always thought that I was only good at following recipes but that's not the case. It all started last year when I started a month long series of sharing my "healthy" dinner plate pictures on Instagram. It was very much appreciated by my friends and family. I was repeatedly asked to share the recipes so I thought to myself - Why not blog?
That's pretty much was my motivation to start a blog and also if you have a nagging sister it helps in accelerating the process. 

I hope I am able to maintain the other blog the way I have been doing here.
It has been almost 9 years now. I have learned so many things about writing, language, myself and life in general. Sometimes I wonder the reason that makes me hold on to this space. I started this blog with a different purpose and had a totally different outlook then. I have undergone multiple transformations in these 9 years and this seems to be the only link. I think this is a good enough reason for me to keep writing..
Who knew I would be writing my 555th post (113 are drafts) one day..

P.S: I am still in the process of setting both the places up and running. "The perfect template" sits in my head. I am on it and hopefully will be able to get there
P.S1: The desktop version looks better at the moment


  1. That food blog should be reported for being tempting-beyond-legal-limits.

    1. Eby, you are just biased :) I know that..