Monday, April 27, 2015

..Addictions and Detox..

I read a very interesting article and yes I am pretty sure that it applies to most of us:

I have been fighting this for a while now and I often find myself distracted. I feel that I am just drowning. These days I am just not able to enjoy my favorite songs, my favorite TV shows and newspapers. The digital world has taken me away from my world of books. The world which I had known while growing up. 

I am not on Facebook (Thank god for that). I use Twitter, Instagram, blogger, whatsapp, pocket quite frequently. I started using twitter because I thought it was a pretty great way of finding articles based on ones interest. With time I have become a compulsive scroller of articles. I always feel this craving to keep looking out and keep reading more but of course online. The urgency to read about the latest breaking news is too overpowering.

Pretty much like the author of the above article I would read 4 sentences and then used to have this compulsive urge to look out for that unread article, message, post etc. 

I had this realization while reading Toba Tek Singh. I was glued to that book and had no urgency to check my phone for messages, posts, tweets, mails etc.. Of course, it couldn't have been just the book. I gave it a thought and realized that it was my resolve to not to get distracted in the first place.

I am on a detox mode ever since. I am trying very hard to keep myself away from compulsively checking for information. There is an information explosion everywhere and it has me in its clutches. I want to break free before it is too late. 
Detox. Baby. Detox.

I discussed my state of my mind with my favorite cousin and she was quick to reply: "Maybe this is an outlet? A way of reacting to what's around you".. Nay, don't think so, I replied. 

So, I decided to take a few steps back and get back to the real world. A world where people don't feel the need to check strangers Facebook profile for validation.  A world where Twitter and Instagram are at my disposal and not the other way. A world where I am not judged based on the content that I share and where I don't need to judge others. A world which is simpler.. I think I need this badly. No, I am not closing any of my accounts. I still very much like using all the above mentioned apps. I am going to reduce the frequency though. I will try to stick to my rule of checking these apps once a day. Let's hope I reach somewhere.  I am not sure if it will work but it can be a start. The world might be beautiful on the other side of refresh but I am happy to be on this side.

The digital world can't be all that bad. I have this place to pour out my emotions.
I will continue to write, just in case you are wondering. Writing is therapeutic. I feel so much at ease while writing. I was recently advised to write down my thoughts and keep  that paper somewhere safe (hidden) and then to read it after a gap of 2-3 days. It works. It gives you a totally different perspective of your thoughts nd makes you aware of yourself. Try it.

Time to drift off..


  1. I am here after a long time, you changed your theme!

  2. Regular detox is the way! I agree, hyperlinks are attention stealers and destroyers. :P