Sunday, March 1, 2015

.. World Wide Web...

The internet is such a wonderful thing. It can do wonders. Did you imagine it being this way back in the day? I came face to face with it after my 10th standard. A friend painted this magical picture of what it could do. The wonderland that it was. I thought he was too dreamy eyed. I was intrigued and amused. I created my first ID - or something like that. Back then, keeping an alias was the only thing that made sense. I remember googling about engineering colleges. I also googled some Lectures by Richard Feynman. I was a Physics grad student before I joined engineering. I was introduced to Feynman in college by an enthusiastic lecturer. I swear to god I fell in love with his words, thoughts and theories. Physics was just well physics but his lectures were delightful.

Coming back to the world of internet, where do I even begin? My day starts with checking my emails and ends with typing - good night messages on whatsapp. In between I use Twitter, Instagram, Nike Plus, Google for ad-hoc questions. In the gym in between my sets I scroll through Pocket, yummily etc.. I wonder how internet has revolutionized my life. Right from paying bills to shopping online.
Everything is just easy. Do I ever miss the good old days of planning "shopping days" with my sister or friends? Yes, I do. Social Media was supposed to bring us closer but look at us we are all drifting farther. Back in the day they said, "better fences make better neighbors". The social media has cut the fences and the relationship matrix is getting skewed asymmetrically. The stalkers are having a ball. At the same time it has helped in bridging the gaps between countries. Then there are articles like these and you just wonder how the attention is given to the wrong things. How the internet is filling us with useless information. How we are all getting distracted. How we are wasting our time reading about these irrelevant things when we should have been doing something useful- watering the plants, talking to family or drinking coffee..

Last Saturday I met a virtual friend. Well we had been circling each other virtually for a while now and because of our common interests we decided to meet. It was so nice meeting her. We kept on chatting while sipping our coffees and enjoying the old world charm of United Coffee House.
It was really refreshing meeting her.  We had a good time.
At times like these I keep thanking the internet.

I guess we win some and lose some. I consider myself lucky for witnessing and being a part of this revolution called Internet. I was old enough to understand how rapidly it was growing and yet young enough to experiment enough with it. The child in me can't wait to see what happens next. I would love to see how it evolves in the next 10 years..

In Feynman's words - "
There is a computer disease that anybody who works with computers knows about. It's a very serious disease and it interferes completely with the work. The trouble with computers is that you 'play' with them!"
On that note, one of his best lectures in my opinion is The distinction of past and future.. 

 I hope you enjoy the video.


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