Wednesday, March 25, 2015

...Life As I Have Known It...

How I wish I could go back in time and teach the 20 year old me a thing or two about life. How I wish.  It was one of my toughest years where I was battling with identity crisis, studies, questioning the need to study engineering, boys, weight loss and what not..
Time and again I think about it and wonder what would I have told the 20 year old me..

1. You are no different from your mother. 10 years down the line your biggest fear would be to realize that you are like your mother

2. Wear skinny jeans while you can. You will not be able to pull it off 10 years later

3. Don't touch your pimples they actually leave scars but they will fade away with time

4. Your friends. Yes, they are not for life and some of them will walk right out of your life right after engineering. Don't fret, it does get better. You will have new friends. New associations and some of them will last longer

5. Don't lose your sleep over C++ you will never ever write computer programs using that

6. Having a career does not mean that you wear high heels to work (Read more here)

7. No - you will not be a "Metalhead" for life. By 25 you will realize that your love is old classic rock

8. Romanov is not the best liquor and someday you will have enough money to buy expensive liquor and eventually you will start liking it. You will figure out your poison in due time

9. Yes, keep thinking about those far off places. Keep that dream alive because one day you will visit those places

10. Whoever said playing Mario, Dave, Counterstrike, scrabble was a waste of time was wrong. These games build character #TrueStory

11. Hobbies are not for just HR interview questions. Invest your time in pursuing your hobbies. They are what keeps you going in good and bad times

12. At 20 you probably feel that you need to find yourself but let me tell you that life is all about creating yourself. You need to build, create and live your life. No excuses there

13. Nothing is forever. Shahrukh Khan is not sexy anymore

14. Specs are overrated. Don't run after them. You will get them in due time

15. Life is tough at every age and it only gets messier but you will understand it more with every passing year

You have played a big role in making me who I am right now. I am  in a happy place right now and can't wait to tell you things in another 10 years from now. 

Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden
Still in love with this font..


  1. I hate your for point no. 13 miss!!! How could you!! 😐

  2. @Unknown Anonymous: Yess :) Thank you!

    @Shreeja: C'mon.. I tried so hard but gave up after watching Ravana

  3. 7, 9, 10 and 15. Weird that I only started playing Mario in my 30s and absolutely love it. It doesn't always get easier but you learn how to make the best of anything a little better each year. I laughed when I read no. 6. Until very recently, I was planning to get a job outside of the home only so I could wear high heels everyday :D I guess I still have some growing up to do!