Saturday, March 21, 2015

... About Life and Blogging...

Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous,
the cheerful, the planners, the doers, 
the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.

I spoke to my friend Gunjan after a long time today. Normally it’s a quick Hi/Hello over Instagram but today we chatted for a while.  To be honest it was just a quick 15 minute chat but it felt so good. Old friends have that power and it can do wonders esp if it's a dead day.  We talked about blogging. She was a really-good-regular blogger back in the day. I tried my best to encourage her to start writing again.  I don't think I succeeded in doing that but it got me thinking about this space. Some of the good bloggers I know personally have either stopped writing officially or are on a long standing hiatus. I have had phases where I posted irregularly but I could never give up. There's something that makes me come back to this space again and again. Also, the fact that I am not ready to start another blog and build a relationship there. 
I have always wondered about people who started a new blog after shutting down their long-standing-existing blog. For me, my blog is my piece of creativity and giving it up to start another one is like starting with a new identity.

I have a lot of admiration for bloggers. There are people I don't like personally but I admire their blogs(Let's quickly skip this because I don't want to be questioned on that). 
Yes, it is hard to admit here. There have been instances where I typed a post full of unmasked emotions only to delete it all later. I don't think I can do that and I admire people who write their emotions unguarded. It's a quality which I don't have or probably I used to have it. I wish I could write about the muddy stuff every once in a while but it doesn't come naturally to me. Maybe its their way of coping with life by talking about it, writing about it and discussing about it. 

I am not sure where this blog is headed. I started writing about my daily life. This space was more like an outlet for me. I didn't care about the "typos", grammatical errors because the purpose was to put it out in the open. Somewhere along the way I changed. My life was suddenly different. Things happened unexpectedly and I was in a new place with a new set of people. It made me a stronger person and I found other channels of letting out my emotions. 
So when Gunjan asked me - "Why do you write about these days?" It took me a minute to answer her.  I have 550 posts under my belt and I am still not sure what exactly I write about. 
I have no set theme. The posts are random and unpredictable. Just when I thought I was out of my wits it struck me that I write about things which I would normally discuss over coffee with people.

So here I am having coffee conversations with you. Told you, coffee was my poison. 
Isn't this font beautiful? I can write all day..


  1. Ha! I like that conversations over coffee. Blogging over time has become a profession. You will find very few of us who write just because!

  2. @Det-res: I have a feeling that we will be very good coffee friends/ drink buddies if we ever get there... You won me over with "Just because"

  3. These random conversations without subject are the best.. These come naturally.. It's like you writing what you want to talk about.. I like reading it to know how you felt :)

  4. @Shreeja: Hahahah You know me so well that I don't even have to write about the whole thing. You just get me...

  5. yeah... I am kinda fun like that. :)) Until we get to that cup of coffee.. I am happy we have a place to talk!