Friday, February 13, 2015

February and Celebrations..!

I have been very busy lately. That should explain my lack of posts here.
As a matter of fact I have just been distracted. I have a lot of thoughts going around in my
head but nothing really post-worthy. Then again, we are in February and that's my favorite month.
I think that's just good enough to start writing again. Isn't it?

The year 2015 has been great so far. I was recently promoted at work. With rewards come great
responsibilities and I think I am ready for that. I was also rewarded with a star performer award. I think these two together were enough to give me a high. It definitely feels good. Well, February is my month for a reason. So many stories..

Looking back, I think I have been out of my comfort zone too many times. I have changed profiles according to the situations. I fought with my managers when I didn't believe in them. I moved places. I resigned from my last job when I was perfectly comfortable, monitarily.
There have been some stupid decisions along the way but I don't regret any of it. It is also so amazing how situations change within a span of months. Back in the day I had almost lost all hope of getting that right job. Two years later, things have definitely changed around. For good. I must not forget the dark days. My biggest fear is working out of  my comfort zone - day in and day out.

5 years ago I didn't think I was in this industry for the long haul. I even thought of applying for an MBA degree not to enhance/push my position in the industry but to use it as an exit gate to change my industry. I wanted to join the HR industry. I thought it suited my personality more. Now when I think about it I don't think I would have survived there. My sister feels that I should have been in the PR industry. To be honest, I don't think that's the right place either. I can't even get more than 15 readers on this space. The last time when people commented we were in 2014.. So definitely not for me.I am happy where I am and quite keen on moving up the food chain here. I have goals and targets and I think I will stay on for a while.

Yes, I still want that cafe in the mountains with dark green/ olive green upholstery and Sheesham wood furniture. I am not sure if I would be a successful but it's a dream I have harbored for too long now and it deserves a shot. But for now it is my time to rise and shine more in the IT industry and achieve the ultimate goal I have set for myself.

P.S: I am in Leh and loving every moment. I am jotting down notes and words to relive this trip again and again. Expect lots of posts.. I drafted this one yesterday and used the intermittent network to share it with y'all.