Wednesday, January 28, 2015

...Games Without Frontiers..

I love technology. I love trying out new things, trends and innovations. The most amazing part is how these things eventually get ingrained in our daily lives. The transition from being a "new thing on the block" to an absolute necessity is just worth looking at. As much as I love technology I also like to imagine life without these absolute necessities. It is like living in a science fiction novel. I am hooked to this series at the moment and every time I watch it I am transported to 1970's.  From there 2015 really feels like being in a futuristic SciFi movie.

Coming back to the series - The Americans, it is about two KGB spies leading their lives in an arranged marriage in America. Pretty Simple. I grew up on a steady diet of Robert Ludlum, Ian fleming, John Le Carre, Fredrick Forsyth etc. This whole spy business fascinated me. So it wasn't really a surprise when I found myself addicted to this show. Every episode makes me wonder how the spies carried out their day to day operations with limited technology. The use of signals. The code words. The Handlers. The appearances. The double shaded characters. It pretty much sums it all for me. Even with their resources  which now feel pretty limited they did a good job in keeping the cold war alive.
I understand that there are a lot of things that I have not mentioned here. The hideousness. Sordidness. Deceit. Cynicism. Following a cause blindly surpasses it all. Living your life for a cause and in the end dying for it amuses me. Some people have it all figured out. Their loyalties. Their feelings. Their faith. Their belief. Everything.  I know the fiction is 180 degrees different from reality. It is messier. The bond type moments are rare but I still find it fascinating. The feeling of being on the edge. The thrill of planning 2 steps in advance. Maybe I am just way too fascinated.


There is a moment in the show when this plays in the background.. I swear to god I had goosebumps.
It was like going through all Cold war spy fiction in flash forward..


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