Tuesday, December 23, 2014

.. A Winter's Tale..

There's a dull ache. The one that never leaves you. It comes back every now and then to remind you that it is still by your side. It just changes its forms. It comes in all types - Physical, emotional, mental and psychological. Yes, mine is very much here, lingering around. Refusing to let go. It haunts you and leave you helpless.

I think it is the weather. The coldest winter in a long time. The harsh winds never get tired. The fog enclosing everything like a cage. It feels as if I am a part of a big treasure hunt. Fog, wind and smoke - A perfect spooky winter..  You layer up endlessly to protect yourself and yet there are moments when you come undone. Bitter icy cold winds never let you forget that it is the coldest winter in a long while. Then the pain reappears when you least expect it and there's nothing that you can do about it. It has to run its course. You will be fine eventually - You need to believe.

The clothes have this never ending hint of moisture in them. The wounds, cuts and bruises refuses to heal. The plants are withered down to the roots. Even someone as restless as me is still most days.
Then there is this dull ache which is even more pronounced in this winter chill..

In other part of the World a legend is off to a better place. I am not sure if you are aware of Joe Cocker, I have grown up listening to the Wonder Years song .
As a kid it was so spot on and still is most days. I always liked his music and the words were just right.  His other songs are brilliant too. A bit understated though.
Here and Here.

It's interesting to see how the writing style changes as a musician enters in to different phases of his life. I guess it's human. It happens to everyone. The words suddenly change with situations, the meanings change, the thought process changes and then the repetition. Everyone follows a distinct pattern and I think that's the only consistent thing in life.

A strange twisted funny coincidence happened. I had called up my hospital. The operator asked me to wait and the instrumental version of "The Wonder Year's" song started playing. I thought of playing this song on YouTube later and today I read about his death. I called them up again today and the same song was playing.. I must admit I felt the pain in that moment..

And his legacy will live on...



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