Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Anthem Challenge #8

I was 16, maybe 17. We didn't have too many FM channels back then.
There was one channel with slots for English music (AIR FM2 aka Rainbow).
One of the slots was between 5 and 6 PM.. I never missed that slot. The music was a decent mix and on Tuesdays they used to play 60's music.

My mother used to come back by 6:00 and I used to listen to this show while tidying up things around the house.. Yes, I was a good kid.
One day I heard this song and was quite amused. There was no luxury of internet back then so I had to contend with whatever I remembered from that song.

Next Tuesday they played that song again and this time I got the band's name/ album's name. I also tried to write down the lyrics. I swear to god I tried everything to get my hands on to that album. I somehow managed it through a friends cousin. I listened to this song for days altogether.

For the longest time I thought it was "Knights in White Satin"

The Moody Blues: Nights in White Satin

I was in that post Mills and Boons phase where reading M&B felt childish. I was ready for serious romance - or so I thought. I was reading Gone with the Wind and thought that was real love.
Impressionable age. I used to ridicule M&B in front of my sister who was 11 at that time and her friends (I am sure they didn't like that but were too polite). I was also a little influenced by the eternal GnR sad love songs (About love gone horribly wrong - Estranged/ November Rain/ Don't Cry).
This song was something else.. It was about unspoken love. This was my interpretation of serious eternal romance and 15 years later I still believe in it.

I had to put it on my anthem list. It wouldn't have been fair otherwise.


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