Wednesday, December 31, 2014

... A Musical Life..

So I spent considerable amount of today in selecting, subsequently buying a Radio.
Everybody around me was a little amused at this purchase. They all suggested me to use the radio app on my iPhone. I thought of that idea too and then dismissed it. You may ask why?

While writing about my anthem challenges I had this realization that I heard all my life changing music on the Radio. Almost all. All the memories of stumbling in to good music came to me. It was a happy place to be. I like the surprise of "what's next". I have decided to put it on the Kitchen counter.
I am pretty sure the apps would have served the purpose but I wanted to take two steps back. 
It is good to go Old School sometimes. I can't wait to explore more music there.. The element of surprise. The ritual of switching it on. Listening to it every morning. Can't Wait!

I need to give some credit to my mom also here. I have grown up watching her cook with radio playing in the background. They say you become your parents as you grow up. I have come to terms with that reality finally! I realized that something was missing and a few thoughts later I decided to buy a radio. It was a familiar sight and I always felt that something was missing in the kitchen. 
Later, with the anthem challenge and cooking I finally connected the dots. 
Growing up I fought hard to be my person, to come out with my personality and individuality. All this to realize 15 years later that I would be a mish-mashed version of my parents. Probably, that's what being "my own person" means after all. I have accepted this reality. There is no escape.

Hope you all have good party plans for tonight.

I need to do the customary, traditional, repetitive, introspective post about this year.. Hopefully Soon.


  1. Loved the idea of getting a radio. Happy New Year!

  2. Hey Priyanca, I am so glad to have you back here.. Where did you disappear??

    Why are you deleting your posts just after publishing them..

    Will email you..

  3. I started school so been busy with that. As for posts, I just feel conflicted,not 100% sure if I should post all that stuff..

    How've you been?

  4. Nice One! Just stumbled on this by Chance, but brought back my memories with the Radio as well :)

  5. Hi Sid, Replied on your blog as well..

    I think growing up Radio played an important role in shaping up our personalities.. (Kind of similar to kids playing with their Tabs :))