Sunday, December 21, 2014

.. About Life Here and There..

It is that time of the year again.. Time to introspect the year waiting to say bye, analyse and plan  the year waiting at the doorsteps. Yes. It is that time of the year which brings out the best in everyone.
Probably - the holiday season. That post is for the next time.
Today I am just going to talk about things, opinions and thoughts..

1. December 16th - Peshawar Killing: I have no words to express my anger. Sometimes feelings, words and emotions are just not enough. I went around doing by business as usual. I got back home feeling particularly happy after an intense session in the gym. I switched on the TV and heard the news. I couldn't stand straight. I was trembling. Nobody had any business killing those children. The visuals, reports, loved ones -  It was a very difficult sight.
I read a lot of twitter feeds and it just felt so wrong at so many levels. It didn't matter that this happened on the other side of the fence. It was a gory and inhumane act. At work we were asked to keep a minutes silence for the ones who died that day. Looking at the other faces and reactions on the floor sort of helped. I realized that I was not in this alone. There were others like me -  Confused, angry and emotional.

2.  Instagram was filled with reactions in response to December 16 Killings. I have a lot of Pakistani's in my feed and they all participated in Candlelight Vigil, Protest March etc.
People poured their emotions. Sometimes a picture can convey 1000 words. It was just disheartening to see all that. The similar thing was there on Twitter also. I think emotions get lost somewhere in 160 words.

3. I have started enjoying Instagram. I am not sure if it's a fad. I was recently reminded of my increased activity on Instagram. I will not deny that. I don't click great pictures or  live a very "cool" life. I am trying to record little snippets of my life that go unnoticed every day. I asked my cousin about her views. In very plain words she said - " I don't think that's wrong. You are sharing snippets from your life and it is just a shorter version/ pictorial version of your blog. So if it is increased activity it simply means that you are blogging often" I never thought of it that way but her views made me feel good about my IG feed and my blog. Also, the fact that I am not trying to project anything either on IG/ blog.. It is who I am and the way I am.

4.  Yesterday I chanced upon a big fat packet. It contained all my mark sheets right from my Kindergarten days. My assignments, Karate certificates etc. Yes, I am a gold medalist Karate fighter. My parents saved these things. Moved these things with them when they moved around. My mother used to keep them in a locker. It was important. I went through all those report cards, certificates and assignments. All these things have helped in shaping the person I am at the moment. I have been very introspective these past few weeks and questioned everything in general.
Looking back -  It was easier to connect the dots. I think we should all do that every once in a while.

5. My favorite topic every year - Winters. Yes, It is winter time in Delhi and even with smog and dust it is beautiful. I like the layering up part. The best part about Delhi winters is that we don't have the central heating. The perfect way to enjoy the winters. I have started running outdoors a lot in the winter chill. The idea is to become stronger than ever. Hopefully I will beat the odds. Going out there and  running against the wind is enough to make me feel powerful.

I am looking forward to the Christmas break. As usual, I have a never ending list..

See y'all soon..
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