Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Anthem Challenge #6

I am very proud of my ability and dedication to carry on with this challenge. I had given myself  8 months to post all 10 songs . I think I am definitely ahead the target. It has been a fantastic experience for me.

Thoughts. Choices. Experiences. Nitpicking. Reflections. Introspection. 

I carefully reviewed every song that I posted. I heard this line somewhere:
 "A person's playlist says a lot about that person"

It couldn't have been more true..

The Anthem Challenge
Hard Sun: Indio/ Eddie Vedder

This song is about many things to me. Eddie's voice lends a special charm to this song. I remember I went crazy about this movie back in the day ( 2007, I think)

I am really not spot on with interpreting songs. On second thoughts, music expresses my state of mind. A song can mean different things at different points in time. I think that's acceptable. The meanings change as we evolve and rightly so.

This song has been about the decisions that you take in life. Standing your ground and listening to your inner voice which guides you through these decisions.
No matter what materialistic possessions you acquire, you always come back to where you start from - Nothing. We all find our calling in the end - The big Sun..

It is about challenging your limits. Going all out. Making yourself count. It is about your existence in this world. I suddenly have a vague feeling of posting all about it. Maybe this?

Many people say that this song is about a Man's relationship with Nature. It is a subject I am very passionate about. I feel that every human should experience the nature in its truest form. 
I think it only helps in understanding yourself better..

I hope I am not writing about the greeting card sentiments here..


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