Monday, November 3, 2014

The Anthem Challenge #5

Have you ever had a song playing loudly in your head in different situations?
I am talking about the situations where you feel victorious with your imperfect self. The song which celebrate your triumph.
That flash of a second which becomes your moment. The situations where you feel you have earned it. I have had these situations before time and again..

I think this song is perfect for those moments in my head:

The Anthem Challenge 

David Bowie: Heroes

Funnily, I thought this song was about celebrating perfect moments in your imperfect world.
A friend of mine told me that Bowie wrote this song after he heard a story about an east German couple that were shot down while attempting to climb over the Berlin wall sometime during the '70s.

A few months ago I watched "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and this song has taken a whole new perspective. It is possible to feel infinite after all. 

I think this song has importance in my life. There is no heartfelt, strong or inspirational story to justify why I like this song and yet I love this song. 

For me, It is about those moments where I feel like a champion. My two minutes of fame. 
So what if it is about two doomed lovers trying to find a moment of redemption together -  Just for a Day. 

The German couple story is true. I read about it in Berlin, near the checkpoint Charlie.


  1. I agree with you. something happens inside when I listen to this song. I feel justified and triumphant. Like this music has installed passion and belief deep with me. What a tune. Real genius :]