Sunday, November 23, 2014

.. Feeling Invincible

They said it was difficult, It was hard for my body but I was determined.
There are moments when you can overcome anything and today was one such day.
The human body is an amazing piece of machinery and it does wonders. In my opinion when the chips are down its the mind that takes over. It pushes the body to defy logic and science.
I think today was the day when I got the taste of it..

I had been preparing for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon for a while now. Somewhere down the line I lost track because of some other issues. I decided to buckle up and start training again.
Thus I resumed my project: Half Marathon. Today was the judgement day. I was nervous as hell but I was determined. I knew I had to finish it.  No matter what.

The day started at 3:45 am and I reached the stadium on time and carried on with my ritual of sitting in the corner. I am always a bundle of nerves before the start and like to stay that way. The footfall was amazing. The crowd was a decent mix. The runners were busy warming up with full intensity (could never comprehend that), the others were busy taking selfies and playing around with sprays (Pain killers) -  trying to tackle the future soreness head on..

I wasn't sure of completing this one but when it started there was no looking back.
The route was just beautiful. The most beautiful part of Delhi probably. It was amazing to see India Gate right in front of me. I had goosebumps. It was simply electric. I grew up in that vicinity and covering that area on foot just made me realize how lucky I have been.

The first 13kms were easy and then the fatigue kicked in but I carried on. I guess that's where my mind took control. There was no looking back. After a while my legs were numb but none of it mattered. I had a job to finish. The scenery was beautiful - The very same place where I grew up..

I killed this marathon and came out with my personal best ( 10 minutes faster). I couldn't have asked for more. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and that's when you feel the need to emerge victorious. You need to prove yourself every once in a while. You need to push your limits. You need to redefine rules and I guess that's what I did. You need to feel strong physically, mentally and emotionally to overcome your limitations and this is what this Half Marathon was all about.

I am very happy with the way I ran. I was very calm and collected. It felt great.
Even with so many people around, I was in it for myself. I was there to achieve my goals. I was there to break my record. I guess that's the beauty of running. The temptation of crossing the finish line is what keeps me going.

The life that I experience in those 21.097kms is  divine. I can never get enough of it.
A friend today was prepping up a newbie when he said - " Somewhere between 10kms and 12kms you will ask yourself - What the hell" ..
I didn't realize at that time how relevant those words were.. Even after logging so many miles I still question the same thing. Then, I just drink water and look out for the next marking. It helps.

I have new goals and I need to start working on them. Life is too short and I can't afford to let it pass..
First, I need to recover and it will be difficult. I am ready for the next round and can't wait to start on working on it.

I am not a great writer. I wish I could write beautifully about running. I wish I could express my emotions clearly.. Another day, another time maybe.



  1. This was so beautifully expressed. First off congratulations. This is such an amazing feat! I think you write nightly well. :)

  2. Hi Det, Thank you so much!!
    That really means a lot..
    Are you getting my comments on your blogpost? Sent you so many of them lately..

  3. Not any in the recent past.. I'll check my settings. I am on vacation, hope to catch up with more of your posts.. :)

    How is the recovery coming along?

  4. @Det: There is something wrong with your settings. I spammed your wordpress with my comments and cant see any of them..

    Is there an email ID where I can email?
    LET ME know..

  5. @Det: Recovery is bad.. Down with Flu now.. My invited friends for life..

  6. Well done! Really proud of you... You have (almost!) inspired me to get my running shoes back on again :-)