Friday, November 21, 2014

.. The Anthem Challenge #7

It is time to post the 7th song.
This Anthem Challenge has been super and I can't stop talking about it. 
I have written about so many emotions and so many stories..

This one is just going to be about what I enjoy. So here it is:

Simon And Garfunkel: The Sound Of Silence

I have loved this song since my childhood. I never understood it as a kid but just found it soothing.
To me it always sounded like a serious song. I love to listen to this song.
I think it is about commercialism and talks about ignorance. 

I have a distinct memory from 2011: A rainy day in an old German town. Eggs, Coffee and Lemon Cake. Conversations. This song in the background and sharing stories and emotions with a German friend. We ended up talking to each other for 4 hours. Even now when I listen to this song I feel absolutely at peace.. 

Tip: This song goes very well with Gin and Tonic..



  1. A Wonderful song. Now, for a Gin and Tonic ;]

  2. On Friday nights it goes well with a glass of red also..

  3. Have a look at I have great respect for this blogger. In my personal opinion, this song is popular, and is a good song. But S&G/Paul Simon are so much more than this song. :)

  4. Atul - This blog is brilliant..
    I agree that this particular song overshadowed so many other good songs..

    In my world a true S&G/ PS fan is rare to find.. I am happy to know one now!