Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Anthem Challenge #4

In my world no Anthem Challenge can ever be complete without Pearl Jam..
I am sure you all are aware of my love for Pearl Jam.

I have been waiting to post this one ever since I started with this challenge.
I am loving this challenge. I have relived and recounted some of my experiences through these posts.

Thank you Paul!

Time to move on with the Anthem Challenge:
Pearl Jam: I am Mine

Some songs hit you spot on. They define a certain situation/ phase of your life and you get attached to them. I think expressing your situations/ phases/ state of mind through music is a complex phenomenon. In my opinion we fall for a song because it is strong enough to regulate our emotions.

Somewhere in 2010 I was a little lost. Things just happened to me unexpectedly and at a very fast pace. Sometimes, you don't get time to pause and reflect on the situations. By the time I could get my bearings right I was in a completely different set up. I think somewhere my equilibrium went for a toss. Life happens I guess at times. Don't worry, I am not here to bore you with details.

I heard this song for the first time on the FM (back in 2009) and really liked it. It is always easy for me to recognize Eddie Vedder's voice. Every time I hear him singing I sense a chemical reaction in me.

I had a new iPod in 2010 and I had downloaded the whole PJ discography on it. On a cold wintry/ snowy night in a small German town I headed out for a run and this song played again in the background. That was my aha moment. I finally understood what my parents had been teaching me all along. You are who you make yourself to be. You can't blame the situations for what you are. There are only 2 constants in the circle of life: Birth and death. You define yourself. You own yourself. Everything else is temporary. You are in this life for yourself.  We keep forgetting our individuality. It is about finding your identity in a fluid world.

It was then when I realized that I was running after the wrong things. I was not making my existence count. It was when I realized that I needed to put myself first.
I know I need to give some credit to MG also for putting these thoughts in my head..

Some say it is about greedy capitalists. Some argue that it is about people who are running after religion. I somehow could never comprehend this song along those lines.

One day, when I am off to a better place I want people to celebrate a life well lived..
This is the song that I want in the background along with G&T's.



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