Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Anthem Challenge #3

Wow! I never thought that I would be able to post my anthems in quick succession.
I had given myself 2 years to finish this challenge. Look at me, I am already here to write about the third one.  It's good to write about music every once in a while. Isn't it?

Time for Anthem# 3
The Doors - Light My Fire

Ah, an all time favorite. Love love love this song. I always have and always will.
Back in the 60's this song was about drugs, $ex and Rock &Roll.. For me this song is about loving someone passionately. Unconditional.

My fascination for this song started back in the day when I used to go to this pub. I was young, working, experimenting with alcohol and of course was terribly in love. I used to go there with
"the boys". This pub was my idea of Old English Charm. Naive and Illusioned. The dark mahogany colored bar stools with olive green leather upholstery. The oil canvasses on the walls. The deep blue table placemats. The dull gold colored cutlery. It all felt very high and mighty.  The old classic rock playing in the background. Let me digress a bit, they played old English classic rock only till 10:00 pm. It was always Bollywood-hip music after that and that never bothered us. The happy hours used to end at 8 and we used to exit by 9ish to head to Indijoes(just in time) for lava cake. Ah, traditions. Strangely they used to dim the lights as well after 8 PM and mostly with this song in the background.

Over a period of time we all came close and shared our stories. I never imagined how potent Alcohol and music could be together. The unending jokes, conversations and bonds shared with each other.. A lot happened there. I witnessed it all - Good/ Bad. Many drunken conversations later he told me that he was in love. The song was very symbolic back then. It was all about passion, fire, love, intensity.
To me it will always be about love -  unconditional, crazy and unreasonable. In every way.

Back then when I was silly and young I used to dance to this song..
The song still means a lot. With age the meaning has changed. The dancing has been replaced by running.

I fell in love again and again and this song made sense every time.

I hope you enjoy it too..
Eby: Thanks for your push :)
I hope the rest of you have not given up on this space. yet.


  1. Great story. The Doors are in my top3 bands of all time and this tune is killer. I am now almost ashamed that I did not include The Doors in my ten choices. However, That gives me an idea for another interactive post...

  2. Hi Paul,
    There is so much of brilliance out there.. I wish I could pack Ramones, Motley Crue, Warren Zevon, Andy Williams, Julio Iglesias, Neil Diamond, The Moody Blues, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac .. In my list of 10..

    Ah it never ends. I guess I am just obsessed with music.
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Not all. Love reading your posts.

  4. @det-res: Thank you so much :).
    Means a lot!