Monday, October 27, 2014

The Anthem Challenge #2

I got a couple of emails saying that they liked my Anthem series.
It is Paul's idea and I quite liked it so decided to take on this challenge..
There won't be continuous Anthem posts, there is no time frame, I will eventually share my 10 anthems. All in good time baby.

So moving on to Anthem #2..

The Unforgiven by Metallica 

I was 17 and experimenting with music a lot. I was heavily in to music and was figuring out my "genre". In my heart there was heavy metal. There were a lot of people around who listened to heavy metal because it was "cool".. That led to a lot of self doubt.

My GT (Guitar Teacher, remember?) gave some songs to my then best friend to listen to. He passed them around to me. It was a regular heavy metal playlist. It was a standard list of "popular" songs. Nothing unusual there. I still remember I was about to dismiss it and just then this song started playing and caught my attention.

I still remember my Anthem #2 was the tenth song in that playlist.
I heard it and it blew my mind away. I couldn't take it out of my mind for days. I played this song day in and day out, 

I thought it was about a boy who was owned by everyone around him. He did what the society wanted him to do and not what he wanted. All his life was spent on making everyone around him happy. He conforms to the standards/ framework set in the society. He dies as an old man full of regrets.

At that age, it was just the right song. I was about to finish school and everybody around me had an opinion about my career. It wasn't just about the career but about everything. Career,  religion, the do's and don'ts.. It was annoying. I needed to express my views. I wanted to be taken seriously. I wanted to decide what was good for me. I wanted to practice religion the way it deemed appropriate to me. I wanted to live life according to my ideas. I know when you are 17 nobody takes you seriously and this is what irritated me.

Somewhere this song was spot on. To be honest, when you are 17 it is normally you against the world. We all know how that works.

I hope you find your connection with this song.


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