Sunday, October 5, 2014

.. All Roads Lead North From Here...

The last few days have passed me by in a frenzy. I haven't had the time to pause, reflect and plan..
It's a good thing but the control freak in me frets at the thought of going with the flow.

It's been a good kind of rush.. Things happened to me and I didn't have to plan too much. I was quite eager to come and write here. I wanted to write about everything but then sometimes the words are just not on your side.

I am having a gala time here in the UK.. I met my old friend from Hyderabad and it just made me realize how they don't make em like anymore. Meeting old friends can be so emotionally exhilarating. We were together in Hyderabad and moved places. Frankly we didn't watch too many movies together or had too many drinks with each other. Most of our conversations were just bizarre (still are) bordering on insanity. The reunion was just terrific and it made me wonder about all the lost time. I kind of felt guilty for not having those drinks or watching those movies.
She has already spent a couple of her weekends (the precious weekends) on carrying out my plans. It just felt great to be with her again. It felt great to be with someone who was ready to walk a mile for me. How good is that?
No pretenses, no apprehensions, no judgments. We picked up pieces and tried to fill in each other with whatever we could. It's really funny how we still remember those little things about each other from our Hyderabad days.

It has been a good couple of weeks. Another high point - I was at the Stamford Bridge! Well those who know me know what "the" big deal is about.
Ever since I have started following the game I wanted to watch Chelsea play there. When I came to the UK, I searched everywhere for the premier league tickets. I had almost given up hope when a colleague of mine gave me this idea of going for a B-league game at the Stamford Bridge. I was all set to go alone when he decided to join me. It was a fine evening and I loved every bit of it. The stadium, the blues, the energy, my endless talking (borderline self obsession ?), the crowd and of course the Roman Empire :). I saw DROGBA in flesh and blood for the second time!!! It was a dream come true and the atmosphere was quite electric. Another item ticked off from my bucket list. Of course, that wasn't the end of it. I will go back there. Soon! It feels so good to achieve these small milestones.. It keeps me going!

My feet were itching to travel somewhere. Life has been a whirlwind of sorts and I wanted to spend some time alone. So I decided to go to Brighton (The southern beach city in England)- alone. It is really ironical for a talkative person like me to find happiness in these solo trips. The forced silence makes me think a lot.
So I couldn't have chosen a worse day for my trip. It was dull, gloomy and rainy and to top it all the train connections were disrupted  I still enjoyed myself.
I found Brighton very quirky, very eccentric and very lively. I thinks its the water which makes it so vibrant. I walked from one end to the other.

The trip was just fantastic. I shopped - mainly to satiate my owl obsession. I found so many owl prints and patterns and couldn't resist. I had the best ale, shopped quite a bit and ate really good food. Talked to a lot of people around..  There were lots of solo travelers and we were happy to exchange notes as and when we bumped in to each other. I had my breakfast with Jeremy - an American. I had my lunch with Selena - A Brazilian. I had my coffee with John and Matt (Australians).

Oh, I had my aha moment too: Of late I have been really preoccupied with my life in general. There have been times when I thought that I was at the rock bottom.. So on my way back I was busy figuring out the bus-train-bus connections when I asked a nice and handsome old man if I was waiting for the right bus.. Very cheerfully he replied : "Love, all connections go up from here. We are at the southernmost point and you can't go farther. You will be fine".. Later, it just struck me if I am at the rock bottom then it can't get any worse than this. It will only get better from here.  I think I will be fine, I said out aloud.

And ... yes, I was right. The Sun was out today. It was a beautiful day. I dressed up and  had my coffee in the Sun after ages. I read my book in peace and had a cheat meal(s). Later, I also ran 10 kms - just to make sure that it was for real.

**This Post was written at a lightening speed. Please excuse my mistakes. I will be back to proofread and correct.**

I can't wait to write another post for this. Just wanted to share the Pianoman video. There are so many finer nuisances in that 5:41 long video..Watching it in a loop. Life feels good at the moment.


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